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I want to replace some of the pet photos. What should I choose?

Try to choose images that the pet or the product is standing on a floor & the camera looks straight at them. (The camera is at the same level with the object, not upper or lower). This way your products will fit better in the scene! Then, cut-out the parts you need with the After Effects’ or Photoshop’s shape tool!

Can I use the included pet photos in another template?

For most of the photos, yes! But some of them, where purchased with a license to be used only in this project. So, you can freely use them in this project, but if you want to use them elsewhere, the links to the original photos are included in the main file should you need to purchase a license.

Can’t find how to export in H264 codec

To enable H264 output in AE CC version: Go to menu: edit / preferences / output & enable checkbox: “Show depreciated formats in output module settings” Now you have the H264 output in your output settings!

To render in H264 format in AE CC2014 Send the composition directly to Adobe Media Encoder from After Effects (Composition > Add To Adobe Media Encoder Queue)

What if while opening the file I get “missing media files” error message and instead of the footages I find color bars. Is this normal?

No, if you get this error message, this means you have not decompressed the file right, or you have separated the project file (.aep) away from it’s directory.
All After Effects templates projects must be in the same directory with the “footage” folder too. So unzip the file as is – do not separate the contents!
Check this image to see how a normal directory should look like after unzipping:

Also here is a video tutorial on how to fix the missing files error for all projects (not only templates): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hptLKZmi1qc

I don’t need the shadow underneath the logo. Can I switch it off?

Yes! You can open directory “No need to edit”. Then doubleclick composition “Your logo unfold” and in this comp, hide the layer number 7 (switch off the eye icon). All done! Here’s a screen capture to guide you do it:

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