Personal Training Promotion (Stock Footage)

Personal Training Promotion (Stock Footage)

Included in this pack are 5 fitness shots to help promote your fitness business.

This fitness concept can be used for a variety of projects to help business owners, personal trainers, gyms, outdoors fitness groups, product promotion, school projects and documentaries.

Shot 1: 19 Seconds

Shot 2: 13 Seconds

Shot 3: 23 Seconds

Shot 4: 26 Seconds

Shot 5: 13 Seconds

The shots include:

A woman drinking water out of a bottle after exercising to rehydrate.

A female jogging through a park on a sunny afternoon.

A female performing Kettlebell swings in the park.

A young female performing a yoga move in a park.

A female personal trainer smiling towards camera before turning and walking with a yoga mat through a park.

Filmed in 4K(Ultra High Definition 2160p) with the RED Scarlet and scaled down to 1080p. You can get the 4K versions from the following links:

Smiling Personal Trainer

Park Running

Drinking Water

Kettlebell Swings

Yoga in the Park