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Very Nice Work!

just purchased but what is the Trapcode Particular Required, when open says i need the particular effect

If You dont have Particular plugin then your project in “Project (No Plugin Needed)” folder

yes there is no pluggin version but you should advise this in your posting – you dont get the full effect of this file without the trapcode pluggin – very misleading in your description

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve added this line in description

Do you need Trapcode Particular to be able to work with this ? Looks great BUT wondering if it would be limited without the plugin … please advise as i was just about to purchase until i read a comment just above.

“No plugin” version included. “Particular plugin” version as well in box

Perfectly project! I don’t know how this video can be made??! :) ...But I can do music ;) I wish you great sales, and I will be glad to cooperate!

What, 25 sales?

necesito ayuda… por que al abrir el proyecto me sale: “ESTE PROYECTO CONTIENE ERROR DE EXPRESIÓN” ya tengo instalado el plugin trapcode pero me sigue saliendo este error mencionado anteriormente..espero su respuesta …GRACIAS.

looks great! Like it)

Awesome project! I wish you more sales! ;)