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Awesome work!

Nice file mate! GLWS!

Something really new and fresh, awesome!

sehr cool! viel Erfolg

great job & Good luck with your sales

is there a way to make the end longer – after the reveal. I’d like to make it 16 seconds total. Basically drag out the last few seconds so I can add text. Awesome reveal – thx!

Thanks for purchasing my template! Yes, there are several ways to achive that. The easiest is probably just to creater a new composition with the total length of your intro. Then drag the “RENDER” composition into your new comp. In the timeline you duplicate the RENDER comp. Then move your timeline cursor to to the frame that you want to extend, select the lower composition, right click and select Time>Freeze Frame. Now you can drag the lower comp to the full length of your composition and line up the in point with the out point of the upper comp. The other possible solution would be to extend the duration directly inside the RENDER comp, unhide all layers and extend all layers accordingly in the RENDER comp. You would have to extend the duration of the LOGO and the Floor comps too. I hope that I could help. For further assistence, please send a pm or a mail.

I have purchased this item But it does not work please help resolve the problem, Please

Do you have the required plugin installed?

no !! Where are the plugin Supposed to be inside the folder i downloaded right? But there is no plugin Where can I download it ?

The plugin is not included in the template. Its a third party plugin from Red Giant software. There are trial versions to download, but they render with a watermark. Please Google “Trapcode Particular”. If you don’t want to buy the plugin, I do offer customization and render services. For details please send me Mail.

Is it possible to make these animations 4k? thanks

Sorry, I’ve been using the trial version of 2.5

Email is on items details page. I do also offer customization and render services. If you are interested I can send you details.

I’d really like to be able to do all of this myself thanks, just sent you the logo and project file, if you could take a look that would be wonderful! cheers

Hi there, I am intersted in buying this intro, but I have a couple of Q before I do. 1. One needs a plug in for it to work, would the trial one be suffiecient or do I need one with full license, please? 2. Will I be able to customise it even though I have never done it before? 3. Is it possible to make it Quicker/ shorter on my own, so that let’s say the intro would be the same but its duration would be 5 seconds instead of 10?

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for the comment.

1) The trial version of Trapcode Particular renders with a watermark, so to really get a clean intro you need the full version. 2) Yes. You can view the step by step customization tutorial on my website. Just follow the link in the items description. 3) Generally yes, but you need a bit of After Effects know-how (Time remapping or time stretch effect).

I also do offer customization and render services. For details please contact me through mail. You can find my address in the items description.

Kind regards, Roland

thx, I am sending one right now

prejudice I downloaded the plugin but when I open the project out to me a red x

Thanks for your purchase. The red X is the watermark of Trapcode Particular. You need to enter a valid license key. If you don’t want to buy the plugin, I do offer customization and render services for my templates.

thank you so much.the song is not included

No, as written in the items description, the audio is not included.

Awesome! What is the best way to adjust the camera move in After Effects? I want to change the way the camera spins into the logo.

Thanks! I couldn’t find the camera. Where is the camera in the comp ?

I see the camera controls now, thanks! I didn’t realize the layers were shy’ed.

Yes, I should have mentioned that in the tutorial.

I just purchased this but am confused, I have to buy Trapcode Particular plugin for $399 to make this work?

Thanks for your purchase. Yes, as written in the items description this template requires Trapcode Particular. If you don’t have the plugins I do offer customization and render Services for my templates. Please send a mail to rh@graphicinmotion.com if you are interested and I will send you all details.

What are your prices for using this template? I don’t have trapcode particular.

For customization requests please send a mail or a pm and you will get all details. Thanks