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On Comp controls??? Cutting egde s88t!!!!! my man!


Beautiful logo!! :)

Thank you :)

ill buy it “if” the “3d scene file is included” (the one that produced the particles=krakatoa)

Hi hppav! I’m sorry but I haven’t included the original Max file since it’s using FumeFX which is linked to a simulation of 2GB filesize, only then Max is using krakatoa for rendering…If you purchase, I’ll be happy to send you the Max file with the FumeFX setup but you need to know your ways in max. Thanks :)

The combination of colors is magnificent! :)

Thank you so much ! :)

very nice work:) wish you the best.

Thank you so much my friend :)

Nice color controls, excellent work. Good luck!

Thanks! :) thumbs up for http://videohive.net/user/davidossahdez/portfolio who came up with the on-comp controls idea.

Looks awesome!

Thanks Russ! :)

I gave your template 5 stars for three reasons:

1. It’s a nice template. 2. You answered my questions on YouTube. 3. You made a very good tutorial on how to use this template in English, my favorite and only language.


Thank you so much! It was a joy :)

Hallo where I change background? I don`t find this.

Hello. The background layer is the last (bottom) layer in the main composition. If you want to use another background, simply insert your background instead/above the original background layer.

Is this what you mean? GT.