Discussion on Parallax Scrolling Slideshow

Discussion on Parallax Scrolling Slideshow

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great work! wish you many sales!!!

Super Cool. Great design/style flavor! it’s like a journey through an amazing parallax website NICE!

Great comment! Thanks Sterling.

Can I disable text?

Everything is editable, so you can leave text spots blank if you wish.


I have a friend that would like to use this as a sort of sneak peak trailer for a project we are doing for his school.

I have watched the preview video and wanted to make sure that the text that comes up ie. Parralax, scrolling video effect, etc. also comes with the project. Not the exact words of course, but will those text options be there to edit and will we be able to insert our own words? For instance, instead of Parallax appearing at the beginning, could we put the name of the school?

Also, how easy is it in terms of inserting your own photos into this project? Thanks!

Hi, James. The project comes exactly as you see it in the preview video – though you will need to install the FREE fonts (links found in the download).

Editing is amazingly simple, you won’t go wrong. Adding your photos takes a matter of minutes.

The project is extremely well organized and has markers within it to guide you. The User Guide also details how to add images and edit the text.

Hi there,

Will it be possible to add videos instead of photos?

Yes, you can put video into the photo placeholders.

Hi, I purchased this template & ccustomized the text/pics. The project renders fine in the timeline….everything is fine. However, when I go to render it for output, the ‘final text A’ panel does not render….it outputs as solid black. I’ve created 2 different projects, & even rendered the project as is with no pics & no text change, as is from the download & the same thing happens….only the ‘final text A’ panel is solid black. Any solutions?

Following our email discussion I am posting your findings regarding the black background.

shutterboy said : “I ended up rendering the comp output with AE CC instead of Media Encoder CC & it rendered fine. For some strange reason my Media Encoder won’t render the white background”

Thanks for updating.

ok im so confused. I’ve never done anything in after effects before. I’m trying to make a youtube video for my sororities recruitment video. I have no idea what I’m doing. Can anyone help me put things together? the use guide is really no help at all to me. HELPPPP

The User Guide details in which compositions you need to place your images and where to edit text. Markers are placed around to help – it doesn’t get much easier than this, I’m afraid.

If you are having difficulty with the basics of After Effects I would study a few short AE Basics tutorials. I’ll email a link.

After Effects is easy to pick up and within an hour you’ll be glad you persevered!

Hi! Nice work.. Please tell me how to use photos and videos with envato for preview video?

Sounds like a generic template question for the forums : :)

Hi there,

Just a few pre-purchase question and apologies if the are silly ones.

I would like this to add to my word press site on the homepage, and was wondering if it could be used full screen, play automatically, and could change the background music easily enough?

Many Thanks Damien

Hi, Damien.

The music is not included, this will be a track of your choice and is easy to place into the project. The project resolution is 1920×1080px which is plenty big enough for full screen use.

Regarding placing the video into your website and having it play automatically, this is a web implementation issue and is something you would need to confirm is possible with your Wordpress theme. This kind of question would be better discussed with the web guys over at ThemeForest –

Nice file! Wish you many sales!


Im not sure if Im doing something wrong here but when I place a video in the place holder it seems to play the audio really slow, and I cant seem to fix it at all, any solutions for this?

Likely to be an issue with your preview frame rate. See this thread

Also you could make sure your video frame rate matches that of the template. This link discusses changing frame rates

Hi, just two questions:

1. Can I extend the length of the slideshow by simply duplicating slides?

2. Can the time for each slide be extended?

I want and plan to download. Quick question can I use video instead of photos..? thank you

Hi, can I add as many photos as I like to this?


It’s been a couple months but wanted to say this was a great project, easy to edit, and helped me out greatly. Recommend.

Thanks! Glad it did the job for you.

Hi, there are in total 22 images in the project. I need to add 99 images. I duplicated the panels but I don’t know how to continue now. Is there any way for doing that?

There’s no quick way to dramatically increase the number of image placeholders by duplicating compositions, unfortunately.

Though a quick and easy way of extending the project would be to duplicate it and put different content into each copy, rendering the sequences, then simply editing the resulting videos together.

Whats the best way to turn this into a portrait format? I have portrait digital displays and want to use this template. I have already bought it and tried to change the comp setting. Then for example, I have changed all the parts of image 01 to suit, but then in the main comp it still doesn’t fit?

I’m customizing the AE template and have a question that is not addressed in the documentation. I see where colors are displayed under “Solids” but I do not see where I can change those colors. How do I modify those?

There’s no ready-made option to change the colors but applying a Fill effect (Effect / Generate / Fill) to a solid within a composition is the quickest thing to try.