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Nice work !!

Beautiful work!

it’s very nice project , good luck with sales and looking to see your future projects .. regards

Good One Dude !!!

A wonderful project! I wish you great sales!

Nice work! Good luck!! )

Nice work! Good luck!! )

Veryyyy super project!!!

For a beginner user, is it possible to change the logo size?

Hello! Of course available. Please contact me at

If you make the background color white with the control layer, it leaves a very thin centered line horizontally across the composition. Not sure how to remove it. It appears each “Part” composition is contributing to it.

None of the 82 buyers are not written about this problem. I wrote you a possible way to solve your problem. I hope you will return the project to its original form.

You are correct. Loaded the raw download and it works fine. The only thing I did different was import it into my own project. No clue what caused the horizontal line. Thanks for you help, it’s all good.

I am glad!

I cannot seem to eliminate the envato logo even though I place my logo in the logo comp – it still displays the envato logo. Suggestions?

It is necessary to immediately remove the layer with the logo of the Envato from compositions Placheholders/#Logo. And to put your logo, should be no problems. If there will be problems, write

Hi! I purchase this logo reveal some months ago but really didn’t use it. I was wondering if I could remove the spots and lines that blur the images (to keep it more clear). Thanks!

Hello! Yes, scratches and dust can be removed. Write to me on please.

Cool ! The 3D feeling is really nice !