Discussion on Paper Popup Book Promo

Discussion on Paper Popup Book Promo

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I love the hand animation that “flicks” the logo offscreen at the start of the video. Do you have that available for purchase in any of your products?

Hey there, the hand animation that “flicks” the logo offscreen comes exclusively with this template.

Excellent, thanks! This project is in my bucket of favorites – for future purchase. :0)

Hi, guys! Love the product.

I think I did the same question in another product of yours. Can I replace the preset drawings with my own drawings?


No, the template is pre-rendered. So, you cannot change the drawings. You can use your own text or images within the existing placeholders.

Hello, It would be great if there were the option of the popup pages without people in them and no camera movement. Just Opening the book and one page turn… is this possible?

Hello Sven, since the Paper Popup Book Promo is a prerendered 3d project it is not that easy to have that option. It would mean to have an optional prerendered film – here on Videohive we have a limitation concerning the project size and with the current file size we are already very close to that limit.

Concerning the camera movement. The camera movement have mostly been done in After Effects. Just delete the cam ctrl keys or change them by yourself.

Thank you :-) Regards Snow

Hello Snowcake, the closeups are all pre-rendert. Is there any possibility to get the clean book movements (turn page, etc) as an external link? At the moment I cant use the projekt this way. Thx for ure fast answer.

Ok, thought you were talking about that slight camera movement.

Can you please send us an Email to with your request. Thank you :-)

can i just use this story board and edit the text ? to create a quick video

You can edit the text and add your own images/videos, but you cannot change the illustrations. You can as well edit, flip or change the order of the scenes. Hope that helps, if you have more questions write us an email to Regards Snow

hi can i easily change character to female ? thank you.

Hi there :-)

You cannot do that because the book scenes are pre-rendered in 3d. But you can change the text or add your own images to the mediaplaceholders. You can also change the colour of the book cover at the beginning!

In case you need different characters or scenes you can contact us and we can customize it for you. For that we need a stotyboard or a detailed description about what you would like to have. After that we will send you a quote and a timing.

A suggestion: It would be great if there were the option of the popup pages without people in them – that way you could insert your own characters into place once the pages were open – at least there would be a way to create your own treatment to customize the characters. When I emailed you indicated you were too busy to help customize our project which renders this template useless to us. If you could render out the scenes without people from the original 3d files, and supply those, that would be fantastic!

Hi there :-)

First of all thanks for your feedback. We will definitely look into your suggestion. There are several issues we will have to deal with. It is not that easy to combine the 3d Popup Book feel with an After Effect simulated 3d Look, in that case the characters.

Besides if we render the scenes without the characters, I am sure people also want to change the scene settings in the long run as well. It is a tough task!

We also have to consider the filezize of the project. Here at Videohive the file size of the project must be under 1GB. So it is tricky!

But we will make some tests and hopefully we will find a way to make it even more adjustable for buyers.

Thank you!

Hi, I bought Paper Popup Book Promo project but I need special customization for 3d scenes. please help me.

Hi and thanks for purchasing! Please write us an email to and tell us what you need in detail. Aftert that we will get back to you with a quote for the customization. All the best, Snow

Snowcake would you help us in customising the background / object colors according to our website once we buy this template?

We have bought the template and found it very easy to work on. I would ask for help in case I need any.

Thanks for purchasing :-) Yes, sure we love to help you. If you ran into some serious problems, shoot us an email. Regards Snow

Oh and btw. here is a great example from one of our buyers. I think they did a superb job and made a great project with the template we provide. You may find this inspiring as well :-)

Regards Snow :-)

All is pre rendered and doesn´t include the original project in order to change or take out any element. Very bad to pay for something I didn’t use. I’d like to get my money back

I am sorry that you are not pleased with our product. On the product page in the description it clearly says that the “Paper Popup Book Promo” is prerendered. You can put in every Text you want! In case you need a special Customization please send us an email through our contact Page. Regards Snowcake

The original project have been done in 3D, that ’s why it is a per-rendered project and as we mentioned before written in the description. It is obvious that we do not include our 3D Source file into an AE Project!

Just saw this buddy, Really nice work, good luck with lotta sales!

Thank you so much 3Ddym and thank you for the support! :-)

Really nice project. Congrats and good sales ;)

Thank you so much yocreative, your feedback means a lot to me :-)

Awesome animation! Very well done!

Thank you Wayman! :-)

Nice work mate, like it! :)

Thank you so much Final_Step! :-)

Looks very good :)

Thank you effects_art :-)

An Excellent work.

Thanks a lot vhstock, makes me hapy :-)

Beautiful work!!!! well done!!! =) +

Thank you for the support Must_killah! :-)

wow , this is a really nice work , well done :)

Thank you Eric, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Das freut mich sehr :-)

Amazing work!!!! Excellent idea Snowcake!!! The best!! ;)

Thank you so much juanmita :-)

That is fantastic!

Thank you el-paranoik, makes me happy!

Great project!

Thanks a lot grga


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