Paper Peel Package

Paper Peel Package

Paper Peel Package Features:

  • 52 Unique form ripped paper shapes to play with
  • Overlays: Left & Right
  • Packshot or Logo Reveal: 2 versions
  • Subtitles
  • Transitions pack: Horizontal, vertical, Right2Left, L2R, Top2Bottom, B2T, Wipe
  • 4 Video Display projects
  • Footage: Dust from papers also included
  • Detailed manual
  • Optimized project for fast render
  • Easy to customize

This is multipurpose template to be used only by our imagination: from openers due photo album displays. Or make each project or display version render and create 1 up to 6 minits long.

Music track is not included, but you can get it here: Remember Me Cinematic Opener

If you have project “Memory Fragments Cinematic Opener”

or get additional footage elements “Paper Pieces Elements”

you can get more styled and more creative results. (More details at the end of the video)

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