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Amazing project ! thank you very much Anton ! it was time to make a new logo for my music videos ahah ;) All the best from the French riviera ! (and thanks for the Tools licence :) ) !

Thank you very much for your kind words on our Painting Animator, Didier! :) I will look out to see your new logo animation! ;) All the best to you too! :)

Great work! Can you tell me how you added the animated text in the beginning? Thanks.

Hi there,

I’m glad you like our Painting Animator. :)

The text was simply added to the original picture. But since I wanted the text to be painted on the canvas directly, without any paint next to it, just plain text, I set up the picture to have transparency around the text. So you can imagine the whole picture with a hole (transparency) and within the hole the text. Then saved it as png file with transparency to be used in AE. Pretty much the same way as the hero in tutorial: “03_AE.mp4”. Within the browser tool I used one close up for the text only. In AE I set up the shot in the “Create_Camera” comp. I hope that makes sense. :) If you have more questions, or I didn’t manage to explain well enough please write me through our profile page and I can send you a file to explain better.

Best Regards Anton

Hello Anton! Not working the browser tool(Chrome) from the beginning, even with very lite file and slow speed and not detailed(tried b&w .jpeg). I’ve bought it to make the dark area only, as shown on your video. I see this: “Note! Speed for Closeup1 processes too fast”

Hi again,

so it seems that this error “Note! Speed for Closeup1 processes too fast” usually occurs when there are not enough shades. I think it is best if you could send us the picture file. If you contact us through our profile page we can exchange email addresses and then you could send it to me.

regarding the scale buttons: The recommended picture resolution is higher than 3840×2160. If the resolution is lower it will get resized to fit this resolution. If that is the case the + & – buttons will not work because it already is resized to fit this resolution. This is what probably happened. The 3840×2160 resolution is recommended because in the AE file later on the camera focuses on the close ups and if the resolution is lower it might look blurry. Of course you can easily trick this by simply resizing the picture in Photoshop or any other picture tool and make the resolution something like 5000×4000. Than the + & – buttons should work. Of course you could also simply crop in Photoshop and import the final cropped image in the browser tool.

In general it is best to give the browser tool sharp high resolution images. Then edges within the picture are traced best.

I am very sorry for the trouble, I am sure we will get the tracing to work!

Best Regards Anton

Ok, I see! Few dark strokes is not enough for large Close Up area. Thank you!

Hi there,

yes, probably that was the case. Hard to say without seeing the picture and checking the settings.

So I assume now with other pictures and higher resolution you had success in tracing pictures?

Please contact us via our profile page if you need further assistance.

I wish you most success with your project(s).

Best Regards Anton

Hi Anton. I love this effect. I have just purchased the painting animator and gone through your first tutorial. I think I’m following each step correctly but when I go to render it out in After Effects, it’s not bringing all the elements together to create the animation. Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Kim

Hi Kim,

I am very sorry to hear that you are having difficulties rendering your final video.

I am sure I will be able to help, but I need more information. Please contact me through my profile page:

This way we can exchange email addresses and then you can send me your After Effects file or screenshots so I can understand what is happening.

Thank you and best Regards, Anton


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Hi, Is there a way to use this with Final Cut Pro X? Or is there a similar software to use with Final Cut Pro X?

Hi there,

thank you very much for your interest in our Painting Animator.

Unfortunately this only works with Adobe After Effects (CS4 or newer).

I am not aware of a similar software for Final Cut. I’m sorry.

Best Regards, Anton