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Discussion on Painting Animator

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Hi. I only want my outlines to be traced and not my background color. How can I do that?

Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your trouble. Regarding your first question, please look at the browser tool tutorial at minute 17:

There is a second way to only have the outlines traces, especially if they are not dark against bright background: You would need to erase the background in photoshop and save the picture with transparency, like a png file. But use this file only for After Effets, not for the browser tool. And please make sure that the file for browser tool and After Effects have the same dimensions.

Regarding your second question: I am not exactly sure what you mean by not matching. The browser tool only gives a “rough” preview. So things like the border of the color bleeding or the canvas type do differ. But the animation path should be the same. If they are not it is most likely, that you might have opened a different trace file or if you have overwritten it, did not reload in After Effects or forgot to save a new trace file or something like that. The browser tool is using the same information for revealing like saved in the trace file. If they in fact do differ, I am not sure why this would be. Maybe try a different browser or as a private window. But I’m most sure it has to do with saving and opening the correct trace file.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have further question.

Have a nice day and best Regards, Anton

Thank you for you reply. I’m still having issues with big tracing differences in the browsertool and inside AE! For example: I edit the start point of an animation on the top left and in the preview it looks good. But once I import the trace file, the animation doesn’t even come close to the browser review! The start point is now bottom right and the timing is off. I’m on a tight deadline and need to solve this asap. Do you have a direct email? This way I could send you screenshots/renders. Please advice. Thank you in advance.

Hi there, yes, please contact me through my profile. This way we can exchange email addresses. Best regards, Anton

Hi Anton, Just purchased. Im stuck in the first step. In the browser, the button to select file doesnt work. When I click it says javascript: void(0)

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. But this one should be a very easy fix. This happens if you are trying to run the html file directly from the zip folder. If you do this it can’t access the data library, which is also in the zip folder. Simply unzip everything first and then run the unzipped html file. Now it should work. Best Regards, Anton

Can we do the animation export in Portrait mode?

Hi there,

I’m sorry, at this time it is not possible to render the animation in portrait mode. However, we are working on a resizeable mode, for this Painting Animator and hope to update it soon.

Besides that if you need portrait mode now, you could rotate your source picture to be landscape and do the whole process with the picture rotated and in the last step precomp the render comp and re-rotate it in your new comp.

I hope that helps. Have a nice day and best Regards, Anton


Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll try it soon.

And looking forward for the new update

Hi, Is there a way to use this with Final Cut Pro X? Or is there a similar software to use with Final Cut Pro X?

Hi there,

thank you very much for your interest in our Painting Animator.

Unfortunately this only works with Adobe After Effects (CS4 or newer).

I am not aware of a similar software for Final Cut. I’m sorry.

Best Regards, Anton

Hi Anton. I love this effect. I have just purchased the painting animator and gone through your first tutorial. I think I’m following each step correctly but when I go to render it out in After Effects, it’s not bringing all the elements together to create the animation. Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Kim

Hi Kim,

I am very sorry to hear that you are having difficulties rendering your final video.

I am sure I will be able to help, but I need more information. Please contact me through my profile page:

This way we can exchange email addresses and then you can send me your After Effects file or screenshots so I can understand what is happening.

Thank you and best Regards, Anton

Hello Anton! Not working the browser tool(Chrome) from the beginning, even with very lite file and slow speed and not detailed(tried b&w .jpeg). I’ve bought it to make the dark area only, as shown on your video. I see this: “Note! Speed for Closeup1 processes too fast”

Hi again,

so it seems that this error “Note! Speed for Closeup1 processes too fast” usually occurs when there are not enough shades. I think it is best if you could send us the picture file. If you contact us through our profile page we can exchange email addresses and then you could send it to me.

regarding the scale buttons: The recommended picture resolution is higher than 3840×2160. If the resolution is lower it will get resized to fit this resolution. If that is the case the + & – buttons will not work because it already is resized to fit this resolution. This is what probably happened. The 3840×2160 resolution is recommended because in the AE file later on the camera focuses on the close ups and if the resolution is lower it might look blurry. Of course you can easily trick this by simply resizing the picture in Photoshop or any other picture tool and make the resolution something like 5000×4000. Than the + & – buttons should work. Of course you could also simply crop in Photoshop and import the final cropped image in the browser tool.

In general it is best to give the browser tool sharp high resolution images. Then edges within the picture are traced best.

I am very sorry for the trouble, I am sure we will get the tracing to work!

Best Regards Anton

Ok, I see! Few dark strokes is not enough for large Close Up area. Thank you!

Hi there,

yes, probably that was the case. Hard to say without seeing the picture and checking the settings.

So I assume now with other pictures and higher resolution you had success in tracing pictures?

Please contact us via our profile page if you need further assistance.

I wish you most success with your project(s).

Best Regards Anton

Great work! Can you tell me how you added the animated text in the beginning? Thanks.

Hi there,

I’m glad you like our Painting Animator. :)

The text was simply added to the original picture. But since I wanted the text to be painted on the canvas directly, without any paint next to it, just plain text, I set up the picture to have transparency around the text. So you can imagine the whole picture with a hole (transparency) and within the hole the text. Then saved it as png file with transparency to be used in AE. Pretty much the same way as the hero in tutorial: “03_AE.mp4”. Within the browser tool I used one close up for the text only. In AE I set up the shot in the “Create_Camera” comp. I hope that makes sense. :) If you have more questions, or I didn’t manage to explain well enough please write me through our profile page and I can send you a file to explain better.

Best Regards Anton

Amazing project ! thank you very much Anton ! it was time to make a new logo for my music videos ahah ;) All the best from the French riviera ! (and thanks for the Tools licence :) ) !

Thank you very much for your kind words on our Painting Animator, Didier! :) I will look out to see your new logo animation! ;) All the best to you too! :)

hello Anton, just before buying, it s possible to have drawing effect with this creator ?? not aquarelle effects , just draw effect with pencil or charcoal , Thanks

Hi there and thank you for your interest in our Painting Animator. :)

The final picture will always look like your original picture (only maybe some canvas shining through) So the Painting Animator will not add a style/filter to your picture. The reveal will always start with drawing the edges that the tracer found. Shortly after the space in between these lines will be filled (this is probably what you call aquarelle effect)

So if you do not wish the space in between the edges/lines to be filled you could try to alter your original picture. You could photoshop your original picture so that only the edges/lines will be visible and the rest is transparent. Then save it as a png file with transparency. The Painting Animator then will only reveal the edges/lines, but nothing in between, because these parts of the picture are transparent. You still need to use your original picture (without transparency) for the browser tool though and with transparency for After Effects. This picture was done like this:

I hope this helps. :)

Best Regards, Anton

When I open the Browser tool and click ‘Select File’ nothing happens and I get a notification that the javascript action is void. Any help??

Hi there,

I am very sorry to hear you are having a problem with javascript. I am sure we will get it to work. But we need please some more information to figure out what is happening. I haven’t heard of this problem yet. Could you please contact me through my profile-page:

and tell us which browser and version you are using. We have successfully testet the browser tool with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

In the mean time, if you happen to have a second browser installed on your computer you could also try that one.

Best Regards, Anton

Hi. I downloaded it and ran it. But the second close-up video doesn’t come out. It doesn’t work even though I’ve done many pictures. Do you think we can fix it out?

Hi there,

I’m very sorry to hear you are having problems. Unfortunately I am not sure what is happening. Could you please contact me through my profile page and give me some more details? After exchanging emails addresses you might also send me screenshots or the tracing file.

With second close up you mean that close ups 1 and 3 render fine, only the second doesn’t work for you? Or the 2-closeup version composition doesn’t render and only the 3-Closeup-version does?

Do you get an error on trying to render, or is there also a problem with the preview? What exactly happens?

Or is your problem in the browser tool?

I’m sure we will figure out what the problem is! :)

Best Regards, Anton

So the Tracer is a separate program? Is it developed by you or is it somesort of an 3rd party product?

How heavy is the AEP and how heavy are the compositions that come out of it? For an example I would do a simple text reveal without this tool and then do it with this, how much heavier (approximately) would the animation done with this be? Obviously theres no accurate answer, but you know.

-Can you adjust timing of the animations? -Can you create animations on custom sized compositions?

Anycase, looks really promising!

Hi Castmiika, yes, the Tracer is a html file with code programmed to trace pictures. The tracing is then coded into an png file which can be read by our after effects project file. It was all done by a friend of mine and me.

With heavy you mean render intensive? For the Painting Animator it doesn’t matter if it’s text or anything else. But rendering a 20second clip takes about 5 Minutes on my 2 Year old 12Ghz windows pc. This is without camera blur, which always increases render time.

At this time, there is only FullHD resolution, but we are planning on doing some Instagram resolutions sometime in the next months. Of course you can always precomp the output composition and put it in a smaller than FullHD resolution comp, but obviously some of the tracing will happen outside of your new frame.

There are 2 ready to render comps with 2 and 3 close-ups followed by the whole picture. Here you can not change the timing. But there is also a full canvas where you can create your own camera moves and decide for each close-up area and the whole picture when to start and end.

I hope these answers help you a bit.

Thank you very much for your interest! :)

Best regards, Anton

I absolutely love the plugin! Only problem is I can’t seem to change the camera angles. There’s one composition that shows you how to animate the camera movements but the sliders do not change anything when I move them. What am I missing? -Paul

Hey Paul, thank you very much for your kind words about our Painting Animator! :)

Unfortunately I am not quite sure what you mean. Are you talking about the “Create Camera” composition, where you can create your own camera moves? But there are no sliders for changing the camera. You have to create keyframes for your camera (click on the stop watch once to activate keyframes) like shown in the overview tutorial:

Or do you mean the “Output 3C” and “Output 2C” compositions? Here you can click on the “Choose your Moves” Layer and choose camera moves from the dropdown menus in the effect controls window:

If this doesn’t help please write me through my profile page with some more information and I’ll do my best to help:

Thank you and Best Regards Anton

Hi, great tool, but i have a question

in your preview, there’s only widescreen

what about portrait and square picture?

square picture might still fit well in widescreen comp, but portrait picture will get cut a lot…

is there an option for square aspect ratio? since portrait picture still fit well in that, and you know, if i want to post to instagram they have option for square picture


Hi there,

thank you very much for your interest in our Painting Animator. :)

At this time there only is a widescreen mode (1920×1080). Of course you could make it work for your aspect ratios as well with a few tricks.

For portrait mode you could work with your picture 90 degrees rotated and at the end turn your widescreen video to be portrait mode. But the camera moves would be more vertical instead of horizontal.

And for a square picture you could place it in Photoshop within a widescreen frame so you have empty borders at the left and at the right. Then work as usual and finally in After Effects you then could place the regular render comp within a new created square comp and the left and right border will be cropped away.

You could also use the “create camera” comp and change the comp size (but it needs to be within the 1920×1080 limits) to your wishes and create the camera moves yourself.

Of course these are only work-arounds since it was not made for these aspect ratios. But we have it in mind and might create a special instagram version or update. But I can’t give any date at this time.

I hope this information helps.

Have a great weekend! :)

Best Regards Anton

i see, thanks for responding, please let me know when you do release a square version, this version kind of important for me… :)

ok, I will let you know! ;)

Love this! I’m fairly new to AE so please accept my apology is this is a simple fix I’m missing. How do I condense the 2C (or 3C) animation from it’s set duration of about 25 seconds to 5 seconds?

Everything I’ve done so far has succeeded in cutting the animation to 5 seconds, but it’s missing the other movements. It hasn’t CONDENSED it…if that makes sense.

Maybe another way of asking: How do I speed up the animation to be completed in 5 seconds instead of 25?

Hi there,

thank you very much for your kind words about our Painting Animator. :)

The C2 and C3 animations are made for those specific durations. They where not ment to be altered in their durations. The “Create Camera” composition is made to set the duration of each animation individually. But you also have to create the camera movement yourself, which might be more complicated if you are new to AE as you say.

However there are of course other ways to alter the duration of the C2 and C3 animations. Basically you need to speed up the whole composition. You could drag the C2 or C3 composition onto the “create a new composition”-buttom. In there you could right-click on the layer and enable time>time stretch or add the Timewarp effect from the effects. But if you want to reduce everything to 5 seconds the camera movements and drawing animations will probably look too fast. So I would suggest a combination of speeding up the animation and also cut it. So if a camera move is 8 seconds long to speed up by 200% and then only take 2 seconds of the now 4 second long camera move. Hope that makes sense. And since these are adjustments made afterwards, you could also render the original compostions and do all this in an editing software like premiere.

I hope this is helpfull and you are able to create the animations you need. Feel free to contact me through my profile page if you need more help.

Best Regards



It’s the best plugin I have ever used in after effects. It’s efficient, fast and perfect!

Hi there,

thank you so much for this very positive feedback. We are very happy that you like our tool. :) Hope you will create many nice painting animations with it. Good luck with your projects and have a lot of fun using our Painting Animator! :)

Best Regards


Hi, is this compatible with AE CC 2019?

Dear Wradler, thank you very much for your purchase. :)

I have just installed the newest AE version (Adobe calls it v16, I guess that is what is also called 2019) I did a couple of tests and everything seams to work perfectly. Please let me know if you have further questions or if problems do arise.

Best Regards Anton

I used adobe AE CC 2018 on mac. i have something problems, one thing is ‘This project contains an expression error: error 1 of 1’ in create_camera composition. and 26 :: 143 can not find source item for layer ID=xxxx will replace with a placeholder. what can do?

Hi there, I’m very sorry for the problems.

I haven’t heard from these errors before and I just looked into the project and couldn’t find something that might cause the problem (yet).

I did an online search for (26 :: 143) and at least one AE user had such a problem when he tried to open an AE project through a network connection. Do you have the project file and the “(footage)” folder saved on your local hard drive? If not, please try that. The project file and (footage) folder should be at the same location.

Regarding the expression error. There usually is more information, like on which layer and which line the error occurs. Do you have more information on that? With a different project I once had a problem, but only with Korean language set of AE. Apparently I used a character which was not available in the Korean language set. But since then I only try to use standard characters. But who knows, maybe this might be the problem. If you have more information like on which layer and line, that might help me find it.

Please write me through my profile page, this way we can exchange email addresses.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. I’m sure we will solve the problem.

Best Regards Anton

Hi, I’ve just purchased your program and I look forward to using it, except when I click the Download button, it gives me a message saying the site couldn’t be reached and the IP address can’t be found. I cant’ download it!

Hi Nicky,

I’m sorry to hear you are having problems downloading. You mean downloading the trace file, right? Or are you having problems downloading the whole project from envato?

The browser tool is reliable on the browser it is opened with. We have tried many browsers and it should work with the current versions of: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. If the download button does not work the first thing you could try is to right click on the funky, colorful looking picture and save this png file through the right click menu. If that does not work I would suggest to check if your browser is updated and if that is the case and it still does not work, please try one of the other browsers.

May I know which browser you are using? We try to make it as compatible with as many browsers as possible and knowing which browser and which version does not work might help us making the browser tool compatible with more browsers.

If you are still having problems after trying my suggestions, please contact me through our profile page, this way I get to know your email address and we can exchange screenshots.

I hope it’ll work soon. Have a nice day! :)

Best Regards Anton


so i can also take the picture of my house wall and then apply PAINTING ANIMATOR….can we do that?it will also look nice in my video…what u say?

Hi there,yes, of course you can take a picture of your wall and the picture will be drawn in such a style you can see in the preview video. But please be aware that it is no effect that will apply blood. The picture of the wall needs to contain the blood already and then you can reveal the picture. This is in regular mode. If you want the wall to be seen at all times and the blood should appear on the wall you can do the following: Take your wall picture as the canvas picture. Take a picture of the blood and trace it and create your tracing file. Then modify the blood picture so only the blood is visible and the rest is transparent. (a png file with alpha channel) The both blood pictures need to have the same resolution and the blood needs to be at the same position. Basically don’t change anything at the photo, only add transparency. Then you can import your trace file and the blood picture with alpha and place them in the correct compositions. Now the blood should be drawn on the wall. I hope that makes sense. :) Best Regards Anton