Pack of Shape Transitions 65+

Pack of Shape Transitions 65+

Our Pack of Shape Transitions is for demanding people.

Everyone wants to be a professional in his area. Sometimes we need just a little to bring to perfection our work. And very often for desired result you need just a correctly selected effect template.

With our cool motion design your video or slide show will be complete and perfect. Why? Because we tried to save your time and to gather many features in one pack. It is easy to use and to customize to fit your needs.

Let’s consider main features:

• 65+ transitions!
• 100 % after effects – all made in after effects without usage of external tools.
• No plugins.
• Any angles. You can choose any one you want.
• You can change the color and speed easily. Few frame rate speeds and all colors find in particular folder.
• The project is organized by folders so you will easily find necessary feature.
• Fast render
• Free updates
• Resolution 1920×1080
• Frames per second: 25
• Project include preview video
• Project include tutorial video

Also we have a pleasant bonus:

7 palettes for you – the user can select any color he wants, but the palettes is a nice bonus because it had already matched the colors to each other so that they fit together.

Speed up your work. Save your time.

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Music not included. You can find:

We hope our Pack of Shape Transitions will help you to get the best result. Thanks for your attention and feel free to contact us!