This dynamic project contains several render-ready compositions : with 6 Media (30 sec), with 12 Media (46 sec) et with 18 Media (1m 03sec).
Each of these render-ready compositions exists in several resolutions: HD 1280X720, PAL D1 Widescreen 1050X576 and NTSC D1 Widescreen 872X486.
This project holds all the aces to become your ideal project.

There are a lot of central controls/parameters (in a separate composition) allowing to edit some characteristics with one click…)

Main characteristics:
- Very easy integration of your own media
- Very easy edition process for your Media Titles and Texts
- A lot of central controls allowing with one click the whole animation or at least a important part of it (sequence 1 [Media01 to Media 06], sequence 2 [Media 07-Media12] and sequence 3 [Media13 to Media 18].
- High dynamic and modern look through several types of particles and fractal noises (by example).
- A set of main colors, very easily modified with the central controls.
- (…)

The first project version (native HD 1280X720) doesn’t require plug-in or third party product.
We included in the package a second project in which the lens and lightning animations are made with Knoll Light Factory (in the first one, these animations are pre-rendered, for those who doesn’t own this plug-in).
HD project very easy to customize…. Clear and complete Help file.