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Good work to start on Videohive. :) Keep it up!

great text logo :)

nice work… Welcome to VH :)

Thank you all guys. You’ll be seing more from me these days :)

4udesno 4ove4e samo taka!

Good job balu4e takova ! Machkai.. :)


Really nice project, very effective. Well done 8-)

Hey Protest. I just purchased “Organic Text Reveal” and i really like it but i have some problems. I don’t have those beautiful blue flames in my project it’s just moving background and text logo. So do i have any Plug-in or something? I am not really good in After Effect so maybe you can tell me where is the problem. Thanks P.S I am using Adobe CS4 Thanks

Hello. Thanks for looking for help on this one. Make sure you are opening the ‘pre-rendered’ version of the project (its included in the name of the project). Then in After Effects make sure that ‘Comp 3’ is on your window. If you have anymore questions or you can’t solve the problem contact me on my email and I will help you with video or screenshots :)

Hey Protest, I’m considering picking this up, but want to use it in conjunction w/ another composition. Is the organic light effect you’ve got going on something pre-rendered, where I won’t be able to layer it effectively into another project? I really dig the effect, but if it’s flat I don’t think it’s gonna work for what I’m doing.

EDIT : I guess I should read. It looks like you include a version that works w/ Trapcode for those of us who have it, as well as pre-rendered versions for those who don’t. I’ve got the plug-in, so I’m assuming I can do what I’m wanting to do, as it’ll just render it on the fly appropriately.

Hey, well if you have the plugin you can do pretty much whatever you want with every part of the animation. Feel free to drop me an email if you need any help.


I need the audio. Thanks,

Hey protest, i´d like finish my work with your video template i purchased but i need the audio file. Can you help me please?

Hello, I was away for a while. You can drop me an email if you still need it. I’m sorry about the delay.

Do NOT purchase from this user. I requested important information about the audio of this file and he never responded. For this Organic text reveal, his preview uses the audiojungle sound effect leading users to believe that the audio can actually be purchased at audiojungle, but then says, the audio is not from audiojungle. Very deceiving and no communication from him. I noticed that I’m not the only user from this thread. DO NOT BUY !!

Hello, I had some personal problems and couldn’t reply to emails but I’m online again. It’s written in the item info that the file is not from audiojungle. If you still need the audio feel free to cantact me again.

Hey protest, i´d like finish my work with your video template i purchased but i need the audio file. Can you help me please?

Hey. Sure, drop me an email.

Yes, I still want the audio file and as for the description, I didn’t see the text until after I purchased it. We’ve been over this, I purchased it with the understanding that it came from audio jungle, if you do not wish to use audiojungle, then you shouldn’t be putting it in your previews. Yes, I want the audio file. I’ve already tried contacting you through email. When are you going to send me the audio file??


Alright, that’s all I needed a few months ago when I purchased it from you. It only took you an hour to reply and send me the file. May I suggest that in the future if you want to prevent negative feedback and even less stress on yourself and your buyers, that you send the content that they need, WHEN THEY NEED IT ! Because even though I can still use this, I really needed it a long time ago. Hopefully this experience has been a learning one for you.

Hey Protest, I could use the audio file too…... thanks dude

why it cant open on AF CS4 ?

What The Fuck?

This message after buying: Organic Text Reveal HD No Downloads Yet

Please, send me this AE-project!

Hi, Can I Add Picture ?