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irf Purchased

Silly question – but should the audio be purchased seperately?

Yes, you are right. They are to purchased seperately.

Hi, this looks great, is the aep included that generates the smoke? is it footage or trapcode?

its the footage generated from 3dsmax

Very nice project, easy to use and very quick to render. Support is fast and efficient as well!

Hello, I’m semi interested in this, but are all of the colors customizable without the required plugin?

Thanks :D

Yes, The colos are fully customizable without any third party plugins. Each particles are in its own layer, so you can color them each seperately.



Okay. I personally wouldn’t be editing it. However, if I were to you ay for your service, would you be able to produce videos for me with a little customization to fit my needs? I would greatly appreciate it if you can. Please email me support@letsthrowlights.com if we can work something out.


looks awesome! I just got one little question before buying this sting; is it possible to change the background to a darker one?

Yes you can, The background has its own separate layer and the particles have its own layer.



Awesome product dude.. :)


Will this work with CS6?

yes it works with cs6 as well, since the project was made in cs4, the higher version are always supported.

Hi. I cannot get the help video to work. Is it available elsewhere. I just want to know how to change the white colour to red.

you can apply the tint effect to the white layer (effects>colorcorrection>Tint) and change the white color to red from the control pallete. Let me know.

Great. All done. Thank you for the very quick reply.

Hi Sachin,

is there any tutorial on how to insert my logo into the Orbi YinYang?

yes, video tutorial is included within the main zip file

Great stuff here! I was wondering how I can increase the overall speed of the project?

Thanks :)

Yes, you can simply speed up via, Time remapping. ( Go to Layer>Time Remapping). or I can show you the screen shot, please email me via the profile page so that I can show you the screen shot.


Great logo piece but unfortunately only available in 720p.

you can please send me your logo, I will have a look it into it and send you the 1080p version.

you can please send me your logo, I will have a look it into it and send you the 1080p version.

you can please send me your logo, I will have a look it into it and send you the 1080p version.

Hello Sachinjoshi,

Is it possible to get the background transparent ?

hi, the particles are rendered with the alpha, so its transparent. Turn off the bg layer and matteout the luminance channel of all the flare and you will have the transparent Background.

Thanks !

salam Thanks a lot

Hello, is the Orb YinYang Logo available in a multi-use licence? If so, how can i purchase it? thank you

Hello, is there a full HD version available? Thanks!

Not at the moment, its in 1280×720. You can compensate to full hd by scaling the elements,