Discussion on OPTICAL EVOLUTION - next generation flares

Discussion on OPTICAL EVOLUTION - next generation flares

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This is it :) Optical Evolution, enjoy purchase!

wow! you rock! great job!

Thanks man!

really good job!!

Hey I aint complaining…well I am but the optical flares plugin costs 6 times more than this video. I read that I needed a plugin as I did with other purchases but 130 bux to make your file work???? I just gave away 20 bux.

$ 130 is not just to my project worked, but all the other projects that you purchased (using Optical Flares). Optical flares is indeed a great plugin that is worth, and maybe a little more than $ 130. Do not pour money spent for the plugin you will need it in the future. :)

Thanks misled for this awesome project as free file of the month

Thanks for the file miseld!

It looks like both versions of the project in the download are the “pre-rendered” version, though, and neither one actually uses Optical Flares. Is that intentional?

That’s right, original project was lost on my old HDD – only pre-rendered version is available. If i be able to find my source projects od some backup DVD ’s i will update project with plugin version.

Thanks miseld. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. :)

Great chance friend :)

how did you round the edges for the 5 templates

Hi, just add mask to solid.

Nevermind, I added “rough edges” to the placeholders

wow grate work thanx for giving it free ;)

No problems ;)

love the project file! Downloaded it months ago when it was offered as a free file! I was wondering where i could get the twitch transition plugin? :)

Hi, check