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Cool stayle, great job!

fantastic work! wish you many sales

Very nice work!!!

Exellent work my friend!!! Wish you happy sales :)

Very nice work …............. :)

thank you :)

Great design!

Perfect graphics style! :)

Will it work at all in CS5? Is it easy to make the intervals between slides longer?

Unfortunately the project doesn’t work with CS5 the way it should. CS5 doesn’t have some of the effects and expression controls. The best we could do is provide you a CS5.5 project file.

It is quite easy to make the intervals between slides longer, but it will take some time. You would have to change the Camera Movement keyframes so that each Photo could be seen longer. Also you would have to change “Background Color” and “Directional Blur” keyframes so that they would match with the camera movement. And finally you would need to make some compositions longer in master composition (drag with the mouse) so that they won’t dissapear while seen by camera.