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Discussion on On The Pitch

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hi i use After Effects 2020 in english and i cant use this template. Can you please help me?

(After Effects warning: This project contain a reference to a missing effect. Please install the following effect to restore this reference. “Lens Blur”)

Hi, sorry you’re having trouble. What happens after you get the error? When I open the project and click-through the error, the project works fine. Please send me an email via the profile page for quicker responses!

Hello, I reinstalled AE 2020 and now it works fine. I dont know why, i already have the problem with the missing effect “Lens Blur” but it works!

Thanks for this great template!

That’s great. Let me know if you run into any problems!

Hi i bought this template, but i have problems with the expression, can you help help me? can I also have an email to send you screen shots of my problems?

Hi, please send your questions to and I will try and help you with your project. Please keep in mind that the expressions will only work in the English-language version of After Effects, so you may need to switch to that version. Sorry for any trouble you’re having.

Hi i bought this template, but i have problems with the expression, can you help help me?

Hi, I will try to help with the problem you’re having. FYI, the expressions only work in the English-language version of AE. Please send me an email with specific questions!

Can I add more than 11 player ‘placeholders’? I need to introduce an entire lineup of 18 youth players not just the 11 starting lineup. Thx.

Has this package been tested on CC AE v16.x? I bought, downloaded and imported into the latest version of AE and received a number of errors with fonts and camera blurr missing. Also the player stat section does not behave at all like the instruction video. It seems to be corrupted after player #1. Help please.

Hello, sorry you’re having issues with the file. I will look at the project in CC and see if I am having similar errors

The missing font is free and found here: (this link is included with the project file)

The missing lens blur effect will not impact the project.

Can you explain about what you mean by player stats being “corrupted”? I’ve downloaded and opened the project in CC 16.01 and it seems to be working fine for me.

Friend, I wish you great sales and positive mood! ;)

Anyone who can give me an folder how told build this after paying for it?

Sorry you’re having trouble- please send me detailed info on what problems you are having. Make sure to watch the video tutorials Included with the file. If you need basic help with the after effects program, there are many free resources available online.

I purchased this template, but I am getting problems with the expressions. AE indicates errors of expressions after the conversion of the project to the new AE. I am using AE 2018 on a Mac. The whole project has problems (probably because of the expressions) and I can’t see images in the preview. Can you help me?

Thank you for the quick answer. You get the problem. It is not in English version. I will try to fix it. Thank you again.

Sure thing- let me know if I can answer any other questions!

I change the language to English and it is working now. Everything is perfect. Thank you.

Hello, how to delete the “dirt” from the logo in “D_Text Push-In Setup (3 Text, Logo)” ?

Hi, if you go to the “D_Text Push-in PreComp”, then double-click on “Text 3D 01, and then double click on “Text PreComp 01,” you can then switch off the layers called “__Splatter” and “__Grit Texture” as you see fit. Let me know if you have any problems!

hi there, is it possible (after effects advanced) to change the background to a light gray color or is it pre-rendered? i have to know this before i purchase your template, thank you :)

Hi- nothing is pre-rendered in this template, so you should be able to make that change. There is a background precomp that can be changed and it should effect all the comps. There is also a way to make the grass a bit lighter using the color controls, but since it was designed to be dark, it might be a bit of work to make some of the comps look good. Let me know if you have any other questions or run into any trouble if you decide to purchase!

thank you so much for your fast reply. i will purchase with my company account as soon as it is approved.

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Is there anyway to remove out the soccer goals and ball for a rugby pitch?

Hi, yes, you can remove the goals and ball, but it would take a bit of work turning off all the appropriate layers. If you are comfortable working in AE it shouldn’t be too much trouble. I could answer any questions you might have.

Hello, i wanted to thank you so much for the template it is awesome, but i couldn’t find the transitions! i couldn’t find any in PNG format in the assets.

Hi- the “transition videos” are the “Light Leak” elements found in the folder called “stock footage.” They are in .mov format. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Hi, i wanna buy this , but, can you show me the Score Board first ? In the video there is no Scoreboard but you said that it is one in.

Hi, here are some links to images of the lower-thirds and scoreboards:
Full-Screen Box
Full-Screen Scores
Lower Third
The sub-header and individual scores on the full-screen box and scores animate on. Let me know if you have any other questions!

I purchased this template, but I am getting a convert from 10.6. I am using AE 2017 on a Mac Pro

Hi, the template was built with an older version of AE, but should still work in AE2017… Make sure to use the one called “CS5.5 and higher). Let me know if you continue to have problems and I will try to help.

I got the following error trying to use your project w/AE 2017

Hi gudjon– the project was built in an earlier version of AE that uses a difference “ramp” effect. Try clicking on the expression and replacing the type “Ramp” with “Gradient Ramp”.... Let me know if that doesn’t work and I will come up with a better solution.

I am trying to get some help. I purchased the template and it won’t open. I am running windows 10, but it appears the template is for mac. When it opens it says that it has to be converted, it will not convert. Can you please help or refund my money!

Hi Alile, sorry you are having trouble. Does it give you a specific error? Which file are you trying to open? What version of After Effects are you running? Let me know some more info and hopefully we can fix the problem!

Hello, I just purchased your theme. Is there a way to make the players and their stats stay on the screen longer?

Hi SamFrank- yes you can change the length of the compositions.. Watch tutorial 02 for detailed info and if you are still having trouble, send me an email!

Hi there! I bought this set of animations one week ago and first of all I wanna thank you a lot for the amazing work. That was exactly what I was looking for and thanks to your tutorials even a complete noob like me can understand how to adjust everything to my liking. However, I don’t seem to find where I can change a specific color. In the composition A_Matchup_Push-In_Output_1, both logos that I put in are by default highlighted in a red light. Also, the “VS” text as well as the box in which I put the team’s name are in red. Where can I change that red color to green, please?

Found it already by clicking through the whole project. :-)

Hi Boldaldinho- glad you found the controls. In case anyone else in wondering, this is found in the “A_A Matchup COLOR SETUP” comp. Make sure to watch the tutorials too- they cover all the controls throughout the project!

I got the template but with AE CC 2015 13.7. ist is not possible to get some Results. The Program shows many Errors. The Colour Setups doesen´t work. Is there an known Problem with the new AE Versions?

Are you using the English-language version of the project? Some of the expressions may not work in other versions…

German version

Have you tried to use the English version? it should work in that version.


I have completed the composition I would like to render however during the render it’s keep freezing at one certain effect and it also freezes at ram preview when it reaches that effect.

The effect causing the problem is [F_Flythrough F (Fast Rotate)]. Can you help me fix whatever is wrong with this that is giving me this headache.

I need to get this rendered by tomorrow, could you help me asap please. Thank you.

Regards, Emre.

Sent you an email– glad you resolved this issue!


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