Discussion on Oldshots Multimedia HD

Discussion on Oldshots Multimedia HD

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Nice presentation!

It sounds like a similar project to me…

“film like frame”

Hey Just wanted to say that this is a great file, and I am more than happy to pick this one up. I have seen a number of projects that have some degree of similarity with their own unique twists to it….i.e. 3d logos popping up.

This one does have its own unique twist, and it looks great!

Love your work!

Thanks a lot imagodei

Good work, good sales)

Excellent. Rgs Ovidiu.

Thanks to ovidan and Artem

I would definitely pay for that “Video Countdown” you have in the project itself. It’s pretty slick looking!

Nice project.

Thanks a lot Gambino

Soon a AE CS4 package with only an intro and outtro countdown… (several versions and colors)

Thanks gfx

Love the work! Good job man!

Thank you Robert

Good work friend…

Thanks you VProxy

Nice Man, checking that Countdown package out now!

This is a great presentation. I however am unable to download it correctly. When I download it there is no media, compositions (scenes), or fonts. When I open the AE file, it opens as a blank file. I have tried all the help files sent by videohive but with no luck. Any help or adivce you can give me?


Hi Boscheem,

It seem’s there is a problem. Here (on the comment’s page) you are as an effective buyer of this project. I will contact the VH site manger. Could you send me a message from my videohive Profile Page[] (you have to register an email on your own Profile page)


I made the download test with the zip file of Envato. No problem to download it, nor to unzip ti. Envato Support team made the same test with success too.

Please, let me know, if your problem remains. In such case, you have to contact Envato’s Support Team (with the support ID received through the first answer from support team).

I’m happy to read (your email) that your problem was solved

Thanks for all your help. Very well done and very easy to manipulate. Looking forward to some more exceptional work.

Thanks for your pleasant feedback, Boscheem

Awesome job, congrats!

Nice! Very nice:)

Thanks Webra

Sorry also download problems, AE 5 says that the project doesn’t exist

Please try again. I’m able to download the VH package and open it with AE CS4 , Cs5 and CS5 .5

sorry same message, AE project file not existing (any apple related stuff in it as I’m using W7 ?) kr Helmut

solved thanks, as usual some W7 related stuff. kr Helmut

I answered by meail. Thank’s for positive feed-back Helmut