Discussion on Old TV Opener

Discussion on Old TV Opener

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Hello, and thank you for this product. I’m trying to export it to a MOGRT template for one of my projects I work on in premiere, but I get the following error when exporting:

Any idea on how I can work around this? Thanks in advance

Hello! Let’s try to solve your problem. Say you have After Effects? Or only the Premier Pro? The fact is that inside the project there are a large number of layers, shapes, compositions. I used VCR and TV photos which I brought to mind and redrawn directly into After Effects. Therefore, I believe that moving the project to MOGRT will not work automatically. There’s too much stuff inside, we’ll always run into mistakes. My solution is this: I propose to make pre-renders of all scenes in order to combine the graphics together and simplify the project. If you don’t have After Effects, please, contact me via E-mail: I will send you 4 pre-rendered scenes. Import them into Premier Pro and then either manually add the text or I’ll try to generate a MOGRT file for you. I’m not sure if I can do it, I’ve only worked in Premier Pro a couple of times, but I’ll try

I seem to be able to import the project into Premier Pro, here’s what I did:
1. Opened the project in after effects
2. Rendered 3 scenes in prores 422 without text
4. Rendered the final scene in prores 4444 to keep the alpha channel
5. Removed everything superfluous from the project, leaving only the editable text in the compositions
6. Created MOGRT files for all editable elements
7. I uploaded 4 video files and 4 MOGRT files to Premier Pro and put them in their places.
I used CC 2022, if you have a modern version of the Adobe package, write me an E-mail, I will send you the archive I made

Thanks again AcidV – email sent.

Hello! I’m wanting to have my video play entirely on the TV wide shot instead of transitioning to the full screen (like you watch the whole video on the TV screen). I cant figure out how to do it. Can you please help me?

This is not provided in the project, but it will be easy to do. Give me a couple of hours, I will contact you by email

Thank you! It needs to last at least 2 minutes and 50 seconds

Broken in many ways for current Adobe CC 2021 – please help.

I figured it out. 3 of the 3 image assets (including the JPEG sequence) had to be reloaded.

It’s good that everything worked out. Bindings sometimes crash in different versions of After Effects for reasons beyond our control. In any case, if you have any questions feel free to contact me via E-mail:

Hi, looks good! Is it easy to make that video footage part LONGER than it is on preview (something like 1 second)?

Hello! If you mean the final scene, where only the video is shown, then this is easy. If we are talking about the middle scene where the video is shown inside the TV, then you have to work a little. Average proficiency in the After Effects is needed

Can I change the displaying video on the TV?

You can insert your video and it will appear on the TV. You can also edit the text on the video player panel and on the video cassette

Hi, I love your job. I am going to compose it, but I would like to know if the video display letters are customizable and I would also like to confirm if the text on the VHS tape label is editable too.

Many thanks in advance for the patience.

I am going to buy it, excuse me. “Compose it” is an error of my spelling checker, haha.

Thanks for your question!
In addition to the footages inside the TV are available for editing:
a) Logo in the center
b) All inscriptions on the VHS cassette
c) The right panel of the video recorder
For clarity, I marked the editable elements in the screenshot:

I need your help. Can i email you?

Awesome work and good music.


After I export in AE the audio is not working, I have edited many intro and outro templates in AE and this is the first time this happens (even if I enable the audio format before rendering). I also went in the Audio White Noise file, there’s nothing in there. Please help.

Dear valkonstill! Audio is not included in the project! You can purchase it here:

uncommercial??? =))))) OldScoul Rulit!!!! =))))

Wow!!! Very good USSR VHS Player and Funai TV)))


I noticed that the VCR is in Russian after I bought it :/

The copy-paste frome description: This is real shot mock-up old USSR TV and VHS video recorder


I don’t understand what the problem is. All information is in the description. Before buying carefully read the description and watch a preview

Such a great opener! Cool work :)

Super work man, this work is result hard work. Well done :)

Excellent work!

Realy great stuff!

Very interesting work.


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