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A very good project! Keep up the good work ! :)


Not sure if you’ve seen my email or I could have missed out your reply from my email inbox, so I’m posting it here of my problem. Please see the screenshot: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v138/bellis/oak_tree_zpsd1ea4a4d.jpg

Oak tree didn’t appear as transparent. I’m not sure if there’s any else I need to do, but as per usual as with the rest of the alpha I bought, I dragged and dropped it into the composition in AE CS6. I don’t have any issue with the rest of the alpha; they will show their transparency. I even tried Keylight (maybe it’s a black screen…:p) but it didn’t work either.

Appreciate your advice. Thanks!

The file doesn’t have the alpha channel, can you send me the correct version? thanks

Sorry about that.I`ll do it tomorrow morning.Plc, send me your e-mail to fix the problem. I`m changed the file,but later,sorry i didn`t saw it on time…

Plc, everyone who bought this project before the changes, to send me an e-mail!Now the file is corect!

Excellent work. I wish you continued success and even greater sales;)

Thanks, Amidamaru!Very kind…I wish you the same and better :)

Hi, I am interested on several of your works. We are a small corporation that creates videos for large corporations such as LG and Samsung. I wanted to know about copyright laws regarding to using your works. I am questioned about if we can use your works on commercials or anything like that. Please let me know. Thank you.

Hello, the rules are explained in the site. If you buy works from here with the license you can using these things as u like it. Plc, read the rules section in this site and if you have more questions plc welcome.Sorry i saw your comment late. Best regards, Pegnar