Nutrition Food - Flat Animated Icons

Nutrition Food - Flat Animated Icons

Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons List:


Easy setup and quick customizing!

Quickly & Easily Change Colors, Form, Opacity, Duration Animation To Suit Your Needs!

Features Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons:

Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons include:

  • 60 Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons
  • Simple PDF library
  • Perfect Global Controls
  • Simple Icon settings – See preview tutorial GIF at description

Special features Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons:

  • Functionality Icons:
  1. Duration Control of Animation
  2. Stroke Opacity Control
  3. Background Opacity Control
  • Form Controls:
    1. Stroke Width Control
    2. Form Control
  • Flat Color Controls:
    1. NEW! Colorful / Monochrome Style
    2. Icon Color Control
    3. Stroke Color Control
    4. Background Color Control
    5. This project is minimal and motion and contains a variety of Fine Icons designs and it can be also used to present any occasion media identity.

      Reasons to Purchase Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons:

      1. Fast rendering
      2. Fine animation
      3. No plugins required
      4. Universal Expression
      5. Modular Construction
      6. Small size of the archive
      7. One click to change color
      8. One click to change form
      9. One click to change opacity
      10. After Effects CS5 and above
      11. 100% Dynamic Vector resizable

      More customizable icons in my portfolio


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      Customization service:

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      Get Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons and Enjoy!

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      You can find the music, footages and free fonts here.

      Music for download (music not included in template):

      Stylish Powerful Indie Rock – Animated flat vector icons

      Goes well with footages (footages not included in template):

      Creative Team food
      Freelancer Working In Studio feed
      City Traffic meal

      Stylish Powerful Indie Rock – Animated flat vector icons meat
      EYE…zoom in eating
      Cinematic American Rock cuisine
      Business people in front of computer snack
      Family Union dish
      Success supply
      Call-Center Routine nutrition
      Business engineering food
      Tired Of Work diet
      Business Meeting feeding
      Dancing Girl feed
      Business Training

      The Animated Icons project is a consistent set of flat icons designed to give life to any project it is added to. Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons Icons – minimal After Effects Project.
      Simply drag & drop the chosen icons into your project, set your colors by a few clicks and you are done!

      You also can use this Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons template for powerful video, cinematic video or film, and short minimal slide, motion background, Fine pack, also movie / tv show slide, slow slides, as well as

      technology photo slide, parallax display as a result You creating excellent project! For example dynamic slide show or any other

      Impress your friends and put the video created with this template on your youtube or facebook account.
      Use Nutrition Food – Flat Animated Icons for motion background or Web Building minimal pack. Trendy package perfect for: fare, food, feed, meal, meat, eating, cuisine, snack, dish, sign, nutrition, bite, refreshment, table, bread, red, symbol, foodstuff, diet, sustenance, groceries, miscellaneous, grub, rubber, concept, drink, stamp, rectangular, cooking, dinner, chow, supply, restaurant, appetizer, icon, kitchen, canteen, refection, logo, collation, luncheon, badge, saloon, aliment, feast, cooker, brunch, banquette, nourishment, supper, fork, morsel, banket, breakfast, board, cutlery, banquet, spoon, cafe, brekker, cap, eatplate, banner, pabulum, store, larder, comestible, subsistence, fodder, grit, menu, mess, slop, fast food, cook room, table setting, evening meal, lay on, get it up, bequeath, devote, donate, sweeten the pot, feed the kitty, pass the hat, grant, chip in, ante up, give, do ones part, provide, get in the act, present, dole out, contribute, bestow, give away, award, hand out, subscribe, food, meal, eating, fare, meat, feed, supply, nutrition, food, diet, feeding, feed, food, nutrition, meat, diet, nourishment, eating, food, foodstuffs, rations, supply, ration, feed, food, forage, fodder, feed-stuff, nutrition, provisions, food, provision, victual, victuals, tack, food, comestibles, fare.