Big News Library - Broadcast Pack v2

Big News Library - Broadcast Pack v2


New big update of the project in 2020! You can change the font, text size, location, and text thickness and tilt. Added a new animation to each file mogrt. All files have been optimized to work faster and more comfortable. We appreciate your time, thank you for your purchase!


Full package of news broadcasting!!! The package contains transitions, openers, lower thirds, dual screens, weather forecast, stock reports, graphics package for interviews. All this is easy to customize, resize or color. This package works in Adobe PremierePro 2020 and above In the kit you will find a help file that will tell you how to install the project. With this project you save time and effort! Thank you!

supportd9af160c84ff6380.png 001bc652ba2b9f65214.png text-news.gif 0085dbe3640c077cf6b.jpg 002b1132528d8456c8b.jpg 003457e2e131a879818.jpg 001c8ee33a955094ae7.jpg 0025104b0747759002a.jpg 00302367c1dece79f20.jpg 011214742d936502b0c.jpg 0108e78fcce4df4f298.jpg 0094f7320cabb01cd80.jpg 0048c07ca8198512bec.jpg 00620d0fa9f012790a4.jpg 00557f2b93d47914a1a.jpg 0073ba95a8e22316640.jpg 001b4bee7582f39e8b0.jpg

00320e16cf837118662.jpg 0027e8c4fdf430df00b.jpg 0040403c121752c4021.jpg 001d48adae297b5e5f2.jpg 0056912e59853fd44f3.jpg 012020406846867b5f9.jpg

  • Openers Promo
  • 20 Lower Thirds
  • Market Source
  • Breaking News
  • Close Up
  • Coming Up Screen
  • Detail Lower3dr
  • Line Name ID
  • Live programme
  • News today
  • On Air
  • Split Screen
  • Ticker Line News
  • Infoboard
  • 2 Promo
  • 3 Promo Screen
  • Transition
  • Breaking Weather Detail
  • Breaking Weather Flash
  • Forecast_3 days
  • Info Screen Views
  • Live Programme info
  • Single Line Name ID
  • MOGRT project
  • PremierePro 2020 and above
  • Full HD resolution 29.97 fps (1920×1080)
  • No plugins required.
  • Easy Controller
  • Well organized project
  • Fast render
  • Universalizer Controller Included (Compatible with any language)
  • Premium free support 24/7
  • Music Here 01
  • 02
  • 03

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