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Impressive work mate, well done :)

Congratulations, nice item, cool design! Wish you more many sales :)

Just purchased your package… however i am having trouble with the lense flares. none of them are transparent, they all have black backgrounds. When rendered as an alpha composition they still arent transparent. Can you help me?

i guess you are talking about lowerthirds right ?

Yes. I’ll take a look at it again. Thanks! So I should render the lense flares and the rest if the compositions separately?

if you are trying to use them in editing software that is one solution, if you have premiere cs6 you can use as composition and it should render realtime

Can this be used in Final Cut X as rendered graphics with an alpha? I would like to edit this weekend 8/17-18…..thanks, AJ

if you can use blending modes inside fcpx , and you can work with AE, you can render the flares itself and then the rest with alpha , and add them with additive blending mode. ( this is for the lowerhtirdsand ots ) for the split screen you cant or you should modify it to fit for you

This package is exactly what I’m looking for with the exception of needing 1080p and I’ll be using CS6. Would this scale up to 1080p well, and do you know for sure if I can use it in CS6? Thanks for your help! Very great designs, by the way!

Hi Hlansche, you can scale it up but it will require at least 1-3 hours work. But if you are good with AE you can do it even faster. Some scripts may help

I purchased the template, however, I can not find the fonts that AE will recognize, can you please send me the actual fonts you used – I have spent hours trying to make the font work, and the spacing is all off on the version I found. PLEASE HELP!

Hi Edmuncy , can you please contact me trough my profile page so I can assist you

Hi I was wondering if I can change the colors of the scenes in AE? Thanks!