News Complete Kit

News Complete Kit

News Complete Kit

Hello, I’m glad to present to you my new project called “News Complete Kit”.

To begin with, we note that the main feature of this project is that it consists of two independent blocks: News Intro and and News Graphic Kit.

First Block called “News Intro” have 9 prerender labels: News, Sport, Weather, Politics, Economy, Finance, Analytics, Morning, Talkshow. All of them are presented in three colors: Red, Green and Blue. Also in project include 3 Main News Intro PreRenders in a Red, Green and Blue colors, also include 4 background prerenders: Red, Green, Blue and White. This project also provides for the possibility of writing your own text on the final label. Also separate composition include bumper. “News Intro” Block have 19 Media and 21 Text placeholders. Duration: News Intro: 0:19 sec, News Bumper: 0:14 sec. - Free Image Hosting\\ - Free Image Hosting\\ - Free Image Hosting\\ - Free Image Hosting\\ - Free Image Hosting\\ - Free Image Hosting\\

Second block called “News Kit” in this project is a set of graphic news design, which has a color adjustment controller and includes 9 parts which are called: Headline, Studio, Two Humans, Human+Text, Screen+Text, Text Only, Human+Phone, Four Humans, Ten Humans. This block have 47 Media Placeholders and 82 Text Placeholders. Duration of each from 9 parts is 2 minutes. - Free Image Hosting\\ - Free Image Hosting\\

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact me through my profile page.

Features of the project

  1. No plugin required
  2. After Effects CC to 2017 version compatibility
  3. Full HD
  4. Audio compositions prepared for original audio track
  5. The ability write your any label text
  6. Videotutorial included
  7. Read Me file with links and font information
  8. Well organised
  9. Color controls in Graphic News Kit Block
  10. You can use photos and videos
  11. 24/7 Support
  12. Media placeholders:66, Text placeholders:103
  13. Placeholder size: horisontal 1920×1080; vertical 1100×1600
  14. Placeholder size for humans portraits in News Kit block 365×570
  15. News Intro Audio
  16. News Kit Audio
  17. Thank You!

    The ability to write your own text: - Free Image Hosting\\

    Working compositions are presented in this form: - Free Image Hosting\\ - Free Image Hosting\\ - Free Image Hosting\\ - Free Image Hosting\\

    Here are examples of all labels prerenders include in template. Сlick on the picture to enlarge it. - Free Image Hosting\\