Discussion on New Mobile App Presentation - iOS & Android

Discussion on New Mobile App Presentation - iOS & Android

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Nice template mate, but the music is dreadful. Please change the music.

Hello, before I purchase, do you provide support in editing?

In case you run into issues, we always help.

is it possible to have latest iphone model?

disgusting project…...

Hi, if there is any issue with this product, please contact us via and we will advise. Or in case you are not satisfied we can help you getting a refund.

Hi, your template looks really nice and I’m thinking of buying it but before I do I have a question.

Is it possible to change the animation of the phone or is it prerendered? I mean if I want it to turn left instead or right or flip in different directions? thanks

The animation is pre-rendered but we can help you with some basic customizations free of charge, just contact us via

Hi, I am getting a warning: This project contains a reference to a missing effect. Please install the following effect to restore this reference. “Global Control”. Then under the Controls layer, under Effects I see “Missing: Global Control”. How can I install the missing effect?

Can you send us a screenshot to ?

Nicely done! ;) I wish further promotion and good luck! :)

Thanks drev0!

Can I buy it and support me in editing against agreed payment ?

Hi! Not sure what you mean? If you buy it, you will get support of course.. for free!

Hello. thanks for the project! One question…I’d like to rotate the final phone animation to remain in portrait rather than landscape orientation. What’s the best way to accomplish this without affecting the rest of the project?

Thanks for the assist and the AE project!

Hi Jester, we have to update the pack to allow remaining in portrait orientation. Alternatively we can provide you with the Element3D version which allows you to rotate the phone directly yourself. Email us on if you need this instead.

how to add image in background ?

Simply add the image above the background layer manually inside the composition. Basically like this but with image instead of video:

You are cool. your work is proving it! I wish you prosperity and wonderful clients)

Thanks man! Likewise!

Excellent work. =) GuitarNation

Thanks, GuitarNation!

I haven’t used one of these before – I have purchased and downloaded files – what program do I need to open and edit it all together??

Adobe After Effects, ideally the latest version, but CS6 might do as well.


This is cool, however, I have one little problem (which comes from my lack of knowledge in After Effects).

I have a longer text in a textholder than the text box… How can I increase the size of the textbox ? So my text doesn’t overflow ?

Here is an example of my problem :


Thanks for your help.


Ok, just found the solution by myself ;-)

Ah glad to hear and sorry for the trouble!

Hi! I have a question. I bought this animation, and when i open it everything is there except for the smartphone Mockup and the yellow screen animation. Is this how it’s supposed to be and i have to add my own smartphone mockup? Or is something wrong?

Hi again, check this tutorial:

Hope it helps you!

Thank you so much!

You are welcome!

Hello , I come to buy your template ” New Mobile App Promo Animation” and I have a concern expression to the opening. I’m on a French version of After Effects CC apple . I have a message telling me that the project must be converted from version 11.0 ( Windows64 ) . There are 120 errors of expression on Colors controls . What can I do to remove these errors. Thank you

Bonjour! Our team is back at their desks on Monday and will assist you immediately. Stay put!

Hi, we’ve just pushed an update so it can deal with the different language versions of AE. Simply download it again and check if it all works for you. Cheers!

Didnt get the tutorial video :( I need it

What do you need to learn? Anything we can help you with? This particular pack doesn’t have a tutorial as it is purely element based, not so much complex in composition.

hi @digitalproducts669, I sent you an email recently inquiring about the rendering result and some animation stuffs, could you please look into it? thanks in advance. Also, great product btw! recommended item!

Is it possible to change the phone to a t-shirt? How much for a custom project? ;)

It’s possible, it might take a few hours. Just contact us directly via the envato contact form on our profile page to discuss the details.

Amazing work, great idea and perfect execution!

Thanks, Dimas!

Excellent work !


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