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I love the template! Is it possible to add more more animation controls than A,B,C that are in the file? I would like to have more control of individual letters flickering.

Great, glad you’re enjoying it!

As of right now, there are only 3 custom animators (the A, B and C), but I’ll definitely keep this in mind for a future update.

Another option that works really well is to actually animate the source color values if you have a lot of custom animations for your neon. To do that, go into the ‘Step 1 – Text or Logo’ for the module you’re working with, then within that source composition add a new adjustment layer (make sure it’s the top layer in the timeline). On that adjustment layer, add a ‘Fill’ Effect (Effect>Generate>Fill), then set the color value to black.

Finally, create a mask on that adjustment layer with the mask being over the area you want to animate. Then, animate that adjustment layer’s opacity (not the ‘Fill’ effect’s opacity) so that when the layer is at 100% opacity, the contents below it are black, but when the opacity is at 0%, the contents are back to their original colors. With that method, you just animate the opacity to turn the neon on and off or flicker it. Note that you can repeat this as many times as you like to customize the neon!

If you have any questions at all about that, please let me know!

hello, I cant open all the files. do I need to have an apple computer to use your program? thank you

Hello. In order to open the project, you will need Adobe After Effects.

If you don’t have that application, Adobe offers a 30-days free trial from their website, adobe.com, so you can activate After Effects on your computer and edit the project that way!

Let me know if you have any other questions or if there’s anything else I can do for you!

i have adobe after effects 2017, but how do I download the fonts?

Hello. All the font download links are located in the ‘Instructions.txt’ file.

Additionally, the video tutorial can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xARLlTgGuUI&feature=youtu.be

Hi there – first of all, this is amazing and exactly what I’m looking for. Just before I grab it, I wanted to clarify something if that’s OK? Is it possible to render this out without a background? I.e. transparent?

Hello. Sure, you can render out your results without a background, but I recommend if you can to avoid it. The main reason is simply that some of the layers have specific blend modes that interact with the background layers, so if you were to export them you’ll lose some of that detail.

You could export out the layers that have blend modes applied to them separately, then import those layers into Photoshop and re-enable the blend modes as an option as well.

There are two main elements you’ll need to edit to disable the background, you’ll need to disable the ‘Background’ comp via the eye icon, and disable the vignette via the ‘Neon Controller’.

If you have any other questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with just ask!

Hello, I downloaded the template but when launching it in After Effects (the trial), it says to restore the reference “element” not found. I tried to re-download the template but it still doesn’t work. Anything I should do differently? Which version of After Effects is the minimum required? Can I use any other software? What are the restrictions? Thanks!

Hello. Did you purchase the product with a different account? There is no association of a purchase with your username.

Either way, the template is supported back to CS5.5, but if you’re using the trial version of After Effects you are most likely using CC2017, which is the latest version. That version has been tested and is working with the product, so I think this is an issue with your download of After Effects rather than the AE template.

Try re-installing After Effects and see if that helps. If not, please reach out to me at support@thomaskovar.com and I’ll get to the bottom of it.


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Hello Thomas,

Thank you for your amazing work!

1 problem – the caps are misaligned with the text endings (font Nickainley).

CC 2017 Ae 15.0.0 build 180


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Once again – thank you very much. That is indeed one immense work right there for any and every user type. Absolutely amazing. Applauds!

Hello AL3XL,

Great, I’m glad you’re enjoying the product! I was unsure if it made sense to put the caps behind the neon or in front of it, as I could see both ways being correct, depending on the look you’re going for. I ended up putting them behind, but I think in the next update I’m going to be putting them in front, as I’ve been getting this question quite a bit.

To change that, within your ‘Module X’ comp (X being the module number you’re working with), go into the comp ‘Module X Neon’, and within there you’ll see the caps and details compositions. All you have to do is adjust the z-position of the caps layer so it’s in front of the main neon layers.

If you have any questions at all about this, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Oh, and one last thing – when you’ve finished your project, would you be interested in rating the product? Just log in to Videohive, on the top-right select your username, then from the drop-down select ‘Downloads’ and there you can leave a quick rating. If you’d rather not, that’s ok, too!

Hello Thomas, I am using After Effects CC 2015 and when I open the project file everthing is fine but going on Module 1 I see no glow on the text. It is just flat and it looks like the light is of. It`s the same with the other moduls. Do you know where the problem is?

Hello. That’s really odd, the first thing I can think of is it’s a font issue, so just double check that you installed the ‘Nickainley’ font.

If you do have that font already installed and the neon is still off, could you send screenshots to support@thomaskovar, that will help out a lot to see what might be going on!

I would’ve truly appreciate if you could add a tutorial video… I’m having trouble here!

Hello. There is a detailed video tutorial for the project file, which can be found in the ‘Instructions.txt’ file, but you can also find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xARLlTgGuUI&feature=youtu.be

If you have any questions or there’s anything else I can do for you please let me know!


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Hi Thomas! Is it possible to change the shape of the glass? I prefer it to be a circle much like the sign but like the transparency and look of the glass. I checked out the tutorial but didn’t see this covered or maybe I missed it.

Hello. That’s a good question, I just looked into this and at this time it’s not supported, but I’ll be sure to add this feature to the next update of the product sometime later this month.

In the meantime, reach out to me at support@thomaskovar.com and I can show you a method that might work for you until I get that feature implemented.

Great job. Everything is very harmonious and beautiful. Your work has made me interested in your portfolio. I wish you good sales and creative success!

Thank you!

Hey. Got a question.. im from Germany and my english is not that good. About the License—> im about to start a Youtube-Channel and would love to have a Neon designed Logo/Name whatsoever.. can i use this Neon Design Kit only for “ONE” Video ..? Or how does that License thingy work?

Hey Honeysmitth, message me at support@thomaskovar.com, I’ll help explain the licenses to get you up and running!

Incredible sales and great mood!

Thank you!

Hey Thomas! I was following along with your tutorial video and when it came to animating the neon I found that I couldn’t locate some of the options you had. I don’t have the folder “Module 1 Custom Elements” or any of the associated sub categories. I have v2-6

Hello Elijah, it sounds like you are following along in the demo project file – the main project file ‘neon-sign-kit-v2-5.aep’ is the project file to work with, the other one is really just an extra file to see how I animated/created the demo.

Give the main .aep file a look and let me know if that solves the issue!

Very nice work!

Thank you!

Hey , Thomas, I’ve been following along and all was well until Custom Animation. I have successfully masked one word of my title but cannot effect it with keyframes on either the animator A controller or the neon animator. im going crazy.

Hello. Can you send screenshots to support@thomaskovar.com and I’ll take a look right away!

Hi Thomas, awesome kit. Had a question about the sound affect of the lights going in and out. Where can i get it?

Hello. No problem, reach out to me at support@thomaskovar.com and I’ll send you a link!

Hey Thomas. Awesome work. QUESTION – the audio track – can you please provide a link to that? Assuming it’s available for purchase.

Hello, I just replied to your email – let me know if you have any trouble receiving that!


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This looks great. Wondering if this is scaleable to at least 4K resolution or higher?

Hello. Great question – currently it’s only supported for HD, but there is an update coming soon that will enable support for up to 4K.