Discussion on Neon Sign Kit

Discussion on Neon Sign Kit

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WOW this looks In$ane!! Just came across your products via SevenStyles Sandstorm purchase and link to your After Effects amazingness, looking to purchase this week and prob this one too! I’m not very experienced in AE but looks like your products quite straightforward and don’t need to be an expert or w a lot of experience #BRAVO

Thank you! I’m glad you like them – feel free to check out the tutorials to get a rough idea of editing them, and of course if you have any questions along the way just shoot me an email at!

is this compatible and will it work with element 3d?

Hello. No, this particular product is set up without any plugins for the final results. There are other products on Videohive that do use Element 3D though, so definitely check those out if that’s a feature you’re looking for.

Hello Thomas, I have a question. I have finalised the project and render out for wall versions. I could not see how we can enable the Roof top version. I see that in your demo, it was already there as folder. But I dont have rooftop folder available like yours. Can you please tell me how can I enable roof top version please? I am working on mudule 1

Hello. To edit the rooftop module, within the Project Panel go to “Templates” and follow the sequence of steps just like for Module 1 except use the ones for “Rooftop”.

If you have any questions, message me at

The resolution is quoted as 1920×1080. Can i re-purpose all compositions to 4K without losing quality of any project elements ?

Hello. At this time the product is only supported in full HD (1920×1080) but I am working on an update at the moment that will fully support 4K. I don’t have a precise date on when that will be ready, but it is in the works!

Great work Thomas! Absolutely loved it. I was hoping to improve my production from full HD to 4K too. Glad I just saw in the comments that a 4K version is in progress, will definitely buy that too when it is available. I’m no AE expert by any means, but it definitely will be cool too if somehow you can make it backwards compatible.

Thank you! Yes, I’d be happy to reach out when it’s ready, shoot me an email at and I’ll let you know as soon as it launches.

best template (y)

Thank you!

Does the neon sound effect include? if not, where can I get and apply neon sound effects ?? Please help.

Hello. It’s not included in the download but reach out to me at and I’ll send you a link!

Hi, does the purchase include a an after effect working file of the preview? I pretty much just want to change the text and logo. Thanks!

Hello. I just replied to your email but for anyone else wondering yes, the download includes two projects files, the main one and a “demo” version which includes all the modules from the preview video.


Is it possible to adjust the length of the lowerthird?

Hello. Yes, you can adjust the length of the lower third.

hi few guys are re selling your Neon Sign Kit on fiverr as their own please take action i have send you the fiverr links in your email . i want to buy this kit but people reselling this

Hello. Thanks for informing me about this. I’ll contact them now.

you are Wellcome

Any sales for Cyber Monday?

Hello. I chose not to participate this year with Envato’s Cyber Monday sale.

Great item, super good looking, great “how to” videos as well!!!

Thank you!

Man this project really doesnt work on AE 2020, Its complaining about newer version of Keylight 1.2 and I dont see any glow on my scenes

Hello. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’m not sure if there was an update to CC2020 but I’ll look into this first thing in the morning. Can you reach out to me at and I’ll get you an updated version ASAP.

I just tested this out, and everything appears to be working properly in CC2020. I think what might be happening is you have the the color depth set to 8 bit or 16 bit, change that to 32 bpc ( ) and the glows should look like in the demo.

Regarding Keylight, that shouldn’t affect the project file – just hit OK. When I save out the project, I’m saving it all the way back from CS5.5 to support those legacy versions, so it’s stating that there is a newer version of Keylight than the version I saved in CS5.5.

If the color depth doesn’t solve the glow issue let me know! I’m just a quick email away.

Hi, Is it possible to add the white color? It´s so important to me Thanks a lot

Hello. Yes, you can add white. If you have any specific questions feel free to message me at!