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I double that, “WOW!” Nicely done. Ranks up there with the best NEON FX on VideoHive. A busier effect than my favorite (to date), but for someone seeking a dynamic open this one is fantastic! Congrats.

Thank you so much for these words. I appreciate it

Wow , this is a really well made project. Well done!

Pretty colors :]

man this is great!

Great piece dude !

Brilliant job, obispost !!!

Great Job, What font did you use?

Thanks cdwilbert! The font is CODE Bold. :)

i want to make a title for a youtube channel. can i use this and monetize my videos? it looks so great by the way!

w.i.c.k.e.d home run all the way. extremely well done!!

Thank you very much ReturningSound ;) I apreciate your words :)

Top notch file my friend, really great stuff. Thanks again!

The Camera Work is awefull. So good idea and look. but camera movement kills the half of coolness. Way too Cheap.

Really well done. Love it.

whoah awesome!

Thanks jasoncc

So to be clear this is not CC compatible?

It’s compatible for sure

ok great – update your info on main page to indicate that. It’s the first thing i look at when i’m shopping on here. Some authors don’t every reply and then you take a gamble. Thanks for the quick response.


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I just bought it. Not downloading. Can you give me link where I can download it?

Thank you

You have to go to your dowloads tab and you’ll find the link there. If the problem persist send me a private message and I’ll figure it out

This won’t open in CS4.

This projects is for CS5 and above. Check the Afer Effects description.