Discussion on Neon Music Visualizer Audio React

Discussion on Neon Music Visualizer Audio React

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Hi There, Should this would with Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 2021?

Hello there, Yes this should work with all current and future CC versions (and also CS4 to CS6). If you encounter any bugs or problems, feel free to contact me and I will fix the issue.

Very cool project! ;)

Can i change the logo?

Yes, for the Circle version there is a logo input option but it should be a simple logo without small details. In general though, it’s possible to adapt your logo to make them work in all of the 4 pre-made versions.

If you need further help with adapting the logo, you can contact me via mail by going to the bottom right of the Profile page. Thanks!

Can the time length be as long as you want it to be?


The project is set up for a length of up to 1 hour. Making it shorter is no problem but for a longer duration you would need to increase the duration of all compositions in the project.

For some reason, when I change my music to other songs, it doesn’t react to the beat… – it use the previous music beat. Why…?


This could be caused by an After Effects bug where it doesn’t update the RAM cache and shows you the old pre-render.

Please try to clear the cache by going to Edit -> Purge -> All Memory & Disc Cache (or All Memory if the above-mentioned is greyed out).

Now it should render the current state of the file with all your edits. Let me know if this fixed your problem!


Which song is the last song in the teaser?


The link to the second song was wrong. I’ve fixed that and you can find it in the description!

It’s called HIT-ME – Melodic Dubstep

Pre-Sale question: Is it possible to adjust the volume threshold, too, not only the frequency range? For example, if I have 2 layers, one for lows and the other for the high frequencies, the lows will trigger the actions much more often than the high frequencies will do, since they are always louder in any piece of music, so you should have the possibility of adding the threshold volume, not only the frequencies, to which any layer can react to, so while one layer will respond to kick drum and the other could respond to higher freq which are usually lower in volume ( the Fletcher-Munson curve, but this is another discussion), otherwise the high freq layer will respond only to very loud signals in the high area, like a crash cymbal


Yes, you can very precisely define the volume thresholds. The effect is based on a spectrum analyzer and by positioning rectangles over the spectrum you can choose which part of the frequencies are going to react and by changing the rectangle height, you change the volume.

I hope that didn’t sound too complicated! It actually is quite easy to understand, once you see it in the project.

I’ve read the guide and I just couldn’t understand how apply your own shape to the video. For instance, I wan’t to replace the big circle to a simple Fire shape, no luck though.

It would be incredibly awesome if you could make an easy video tutorial for the rest of us <3

Hey Alexander,

You can add new shapes/layers and afterwards copy the effects (Range Selector and Tint) or you can click on an existing shape and use the pen tool to draw whatever you like. Then delete the previous shape path.

Maybe try to start with a tutorial on shape layers then this should be easy to do.

If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact me!


I just wanted to know what you would recommend the settings on sliders should be if I want the reactions to focus more on vocals than on the instrumental itself.

I’m using !Moon and the spectrum is not syncing with the bass correctly. (For example, the neon light is supposed to light up when the bass drops, however it’s just blinking randomly and barely hit the note) Can you assist me on this? I’m mainly using this visualizer for hip hop/rap, what setting should I configure? Thanks!

Hi skyakev,

You can make it only react to the low frequencies. In the Spectrum comp, try to move the Range layers more to the left. They can also overlap.

If that doesn’t make it better, please write a mail via my Profile page, so I can help you in more detail. Thank you too!

Great job. Very professional. =) GutiarNation

Hi Again,

I’m having issues on rendering what we’ve created in its basic form.

Using I7, 32GB Ram & SSD to render project using all 8 cores “Everything set to the max”

This issue is

1. When I export in AVI and resize to 720p the file size is over 70GB (Maxing out my Disk space so fails)

2. When I use MP4 the quality of the render is poor but only 400MB

2. h.264 / MP4 – Quality is really poor to the point it is pants.

The project hasn’t really been altered

Comp – Moon / Neon

Changes: “Neon” now says “Techno”

MP3 of a mix I did 1:15:55

All comp elements time updated to reflect

Just stuck on getting a good render, I’ve been leaving it to run for last few days but back to work soon so can’t dedicate machine until weekends.

What I want to achieve is a render that is HD 720p quality as it doesn’t need to be any high than that.

Cheers, Joe

Hi Joe,

H.264 should be the right choice for your video length. If you are rendering with Adobe Media Encoder, it will give you an estimation of the file size.

The size is highly depending on your bitrate settings. 4 mbps should look fine. If you go lower, you should render a short test to see the quality.

You can also try using 25 fps which doesn’t affect the style in my opinion and lowers the file size. But there is the possibility that the audio gets out of sync in some cases.

Good luck with the rendering!

Excellent and thanks again.

Have a great New Year

Cheers, Joe

p.s. I was using AF to render and not media encoder, I’ll try that now

Hi There,

How do you make each letter different in the MOON / NEON effect. I’ve copied one of the other letters and put it in place but it is lighting up with the same letter as I’ve copied not independently like in the demo.

Cheers, joe

Hi Joe,

There is a Slider Effect on each letter where you can choose a number between 1 and 9. In the “Spectrum” composition you will see layers called “Range 1” till “Range 9”. With these boxes you can choose the frequency range that will affect the letter. You can also duplicate these range layers if you need more than 9.

I hope that helped!

Thanks and another question for you.

I’ve a music track a mix I did other day on decks and its 1:15:55 long “”

The whole composition is currently 0:59:59:29.

I’ve updated the main time setting but, do I need to update the times elsewhere to make the video fit the the music correctly?

Merry Christmas too!

Cheers, Joe

You will need to extend the length of all compositions that are inside the Main Comp and then also extend the individual layers in each comp. It’s a bit of a hassle but then everything should work fine.

Also in case you want to use the “Timer” that shows the current time in the video: I think if it goes above 1 hour it starts at 00:00 again.

Thank you. Merry Christmas to you as well!

Hey, great work! I’ll definitaly buy the template soon, but I just have one question, if I buy it then I can use it for as many times as I want, or is it just an one time thing?

Thanks for the response! But is there a licence I can buy so I can use the visualizer for as many videos as I want?

Unfortunately, Videohive does not offer such a license. The extended license is needed if you want to sell the end product but it still is limited to one end product.

Alright, thanks again!

- I have this project and i want to exchance other somthings

Did you purchase it?

Please log in with the account on which you purchased the file, otherwise I can’t give you support on this matter.

Hello, i see that u made an update for this. What’s new? :)

Hey, I added a new version that looks slightly different but renders at least twice as fast. :)

Hello, really awesome project. I was able to navigate very easily and customize.

I am having a huge problem with rendering. After effects would not let me export to mp4 so I put the project in media encoder. The file size was 4gb which was expected but when I try to render it says 17hours.

I have an I7, decent video card, 16gb of ram and ssd… I really dont think it should be taking 17 hours. I followed your advice about the frame and blur but I still this get impossible render time.

Is there anything else I could do about it or possibly send you the file so you could take a look at it?

Thank you in advance, Mirza

Hey Mirza,

We talked about it via mail already but maybe this helps you or anyone else reading this: The render will speed up after the first few minutes because the visuals fade in with a blur which takes some render power.

Still, the render speed will not be very fast because of the faked reflections. I will look into it, though and try to find a way to speed things up without changing the look or add an alternative version, optimized for fast rendering.

I hope that helped!

I just updated the file. The new version renders more than twice as fast on my machine and doesn’t look too different from the previous version. I’d even say the glow looks better now ;)

Just spotted my track here :) Cheers!

I love that track. Thanks mate!

Thank you! You have a great project!

Thanks! :)

Visualization with your project: Thank you, very nice design!

Pre sale question. Can the neon Text be changed or is it prerendered? Noticed the first preset with white neon circle and love it..! but would like to change the “Neon” text.


Yes, the text is made with a free font. You just have to type every letter on a separate layer and apply the effects. It is explained more detailed in the help file.



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