Nashville Sunset at River Front (Stock Footage)

Nashville Sunset at River Front (Stock Footage)

A smooth cloud coverage rolls over the city of Nashville as the water races by. Golden rays reflect on the water as the evening turns to night. Rocks sit as they have for years.

Each time lapse has its own story. I hope it brings you and your stories to life! Would love some feedback, and Ideas of what to shoot next!

Again thanks for your support!

Cheers. Andrew


Oil Rig Sunset
Nashville Skyline On Riverfront
Quiet Pond Reflections Sunset
House On A Hill Looking At Stars
Sunshine In A Old Barn
Old Silo Night Sky
Lone Tree And The Stars
Nashville Morning Sunrise
Golden Field
Old Smoke Stack And The Stars
Obscured Moon
Palm Tree Storm Approaching
Approaching Storm Sunset
Nashville Skyline Traffic
Crazy Clouds At A Air Field
Long Dirt Road
Flowing Clouds Night
Golden Rays
Old Barn Hay Loft
Night To Day Overlook Beach
Mother Mary
Baseball Park Night
Clouds On Roof Tops
Mountain Overlook
Cloudy Tree Night
The Old Church In The Yard
Small Town Square Sunrise
Midnight Field Stars
Inside The Old Barn Sunlight And Shadows
Nashville Sunset At River Front
Perched On A Mountain
One Tree Hill Sunset
Morning Mist Sunrise
Palm Beach Sunset
The Bridge And The Moon
Puffy Cloud Sunset
Nashville Union Station
Strong Tower In Vegas
Busy Night In Vegas
Tree Veins Night To Day
Morning Mist Sunrise
Dark Feel 4 Pack
The Stars Dark Night With Fountain
The Ruins In The City
River Water Way Reflections
Nashville River Front Sunrise
Early Morning Slight Sunrise
One Tree Sunrise Sunset
Huge Tower Smoke Stack

Sound Effects

Coin Piggy Bank
Coin Drop
Coin Counting
Coin In Cup
Coin PIck Up

Cinematic Music

Coming Soon!


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