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Cool project, Doru! Thanks, friend!:)

Great project just downloaded. The only issue I am having is in the 10s project, I cannot get content 06 to display on the phone for the output. the first five content pix display perfectly but on final output, the phone has a black screen instead of my chosen picture. Any idea why? Thank you, Mark


thank you for the purchase :)

I’ve verified the project and placed an image in the “10s_content_06” for the 10s project and it shows fine to me.

To verify if is a project error or a simple customizations issue, open an unmodified project (as it comes from the zip archive) and place an image inside the “10s_content_06” composition. Verify if the image appears on the phone screen.

Feel free to contact me through my profile page: http://videohive.net/user/doru and I will take a look at your project.

I’m assuming the problem above had been fixed since no one contact me :)

Very good project, doru!

2 questions before buying

1) i can do with that 100% my movements ? or what ever i wish? because i bought some templets from here before and it was made with servel programs so i couldnt edit in the way i wish..

2) ive open some other templates on cs5 on my mac and there was a error message saying that it cant open because the project was made on PC etc… i wil not have this problems with this template right ?

thanks in advence.

1. The phone is created inside After Effects and can be freely moved and rotated.

2. No one contacted me about this error for my templates. So I’m assuming you will be able to open the template with no problems on a Mac :) This is a strange error, btw, projects made on windows should work on Mac.

This looks awesome and I have Adobe Flash CS5 but I have NEVER used it …. Will I be able to understand your tutorial and be able to create my video????

This is a template project made for Adobe After Effects CS4 or higher.

Adobe Flash is a different application that can’t open this project file.

You can find more about After Effects at this link http://www.adobe.com/products/aftereffects.html

It is designed well. What I mean is that each composition within the project is logical and uses AE’s 3D functionality. I bought this project because I needed to control the timing and orientation of the phone. This allowed me to do that. There were no hokey pre-renderings or series of PNG’s simulating motion. It saved me the time of recreating this object myself. And I think it is designed well for someone who just wants to add images and text without reprogramming the 3D object.

Thank You for purchasing the project and for the nice review :D

very well made, modified and used it in less the 30 minutes

Thank You for purchasing :) and for the review :D