My New York

My New York

Hey guys, this is another great After Effects CS4 (or above) template. In this project I tried to create detailed 3D street similar to the famous Times Square in New York City. The project was created ONLY IN AFTER EFFECTS! The template is universal, perfect for creating corporate presentations, web-intros, promotions and much more. Unique design of detailed 3D street will create a great impression on your customers! I hope you like it!  :)

My New York - 1

  • 100% CUSTOMIZABLE: THE PROJECT CREATED ONLY IN AFTER EFFECTS, so you can change everything: camera movements, duration and number of scenes, the number of billboards and LED-screens and much more…
  • Awesome detailed 3D street (similar to Times Square in New York City)
  • No plug-ins required (VC Optical Flares are pre-rendered in pre-rendered version)
  • User friendly project`s organization
  • 17 places for images (billboards)
  • 12 places for video (LED-screens)
  • 15 textholders (titles, neon-text on buildings, running text on screens, texts on shop)
  • 6 places for logos (logos in screens, billboards, on buildings)
  • 110 seconds duration
  • 40 minutes video tutorial shows you how to customize this template
  • Link to download of font is included in the project
  • Soundtrack available at
  • HD version of the preview on Vimeo:

My New York - 2

  • The original soundtrack has been edited for this project. If you need some help with editing of your purchased track (‘New York Cab Ride’ by Purpleplanet) – feel free to write me an e-mail
  • To work correctly with the template you need a computer with powerful CPU and 4-6 Gb RAM. 12 GB recommended. If you don`t have it – I always can help you with customization and rendering
  • Rendering information: duration of rendering is about 12 hours on configuration: Intel Core i7-950, 12 Gb RAM, nvidia GeForce GTX260, Windows 7, 64 bit
  • If you have any questions or you need help with customization – contact me via my profile page

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Thank you!  :)

My New York - 3

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