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interesting stuff !!!

Thank you :)

WOW I seriously hit the ‘jackpot’ with this template. This is incredible!! What a huge selection of assets. Immensely useful. Congratulations on such a fantastic job.

Thanks a lot! I`m glat to know it!

Hello Can i change the Las Vegas Sign???

Hi. Yes, you can change everything, project created fully in AE. Thanks!

Hey i need only the welcome to las vegas billboard movement can you make that project so i can buy?? Thanks

Hey i need only the welcome to las vegas billboard movement can you make that project so i can buy?? Thanks

Well, you can use this scene with billboard only from this project. Thanks.

hi I am interested in My Vegas. I produce and edit on Sony Vegas 12. Can I integrate My Vegas and put my names in the video? Sorry for being so ignorant. I am a creative person and not a technical guru. Your work is really nice. Geno Munari munari@msn.com

Hello. Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, you need Adobe After Effects only for editing this project. If you have not AE – I can customize it for you. You will recieve ready for use video. Thanks!

All the Buildings in scene 1 are test pattern placeholders says “Palm PNG” am i supposed to drag and drop?

says <Missing but its in main files

i fixedjust had to manually add

Hey, thank you very much for purchase! All should works fine from start, but sometimes there is happens mistakes like this in any buyer`s systems… Glad to hear that all works fine now! All the best!

I see it’s been some time since you’ve been here, but I hope you can answer a question or two about your product. I am interested in purchasing it, but before I do I want to know will it come without the advertising in it ?? Also, love the music and was wondering if this cab be added and what the additional fee be. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

Hi. Thank you for your interest. Welll, yes this videos in screens in the preview just for example and not included. You can simply put your videos or photos, change texts on buildings for yours… In shows in the video tutorial (included). You can purchase the music track separately (link in the description) and I can edit it for you like in preview. Hope it helps All the best!

So this is not the video you get when you make the purchase ?

You get all show in the preview exept stuff in led screens… This is a placeholders for your video. And you can change all texts on buildings etc…

What I’m looking for is a splash page for when I place my site down for maintenance. Since our site is a gambling site I though this would be a great back round for our maintenance screen with the motion and audio.But I don’t really know if it will or will not work and I personally don’t want to spend the money advertising someone elses merchandise if you understand what I mean.

It almost sounds like I’m over my head on this. I like what I see and hear as it is posted, but to go and edit the video and add sound to it is another story. If the video was in it’s original state ( casino names etc ) that would be OK since this is only a back drop and not our website.

Well yes this is a template undortunately. These video for placeholders customer put himself. But of course I can customize it for you… It will costs just some money…

AMAZING AMAZING I show this project to everyone I know that uses After Effects and they are BLOWN AWAY! We ALL want to know how long this took you to build. (insert applause here)

Hi! Thank you very much for purchase! I`m so happy to hear so kind feedback, appreciate it! :)

Well it took some a month of hard work… All the best!))

I think it’s a awesome project but I have a question . (I have sent you an private message in facebook) thank you!

Very nice Template! We need to make an intro about a congress in Las Vegas and this is perfect,

We bought the template and most of it works fine. The problem is that the heavy scenes (2,4,8) are too heavy and dont even show a single frame (we see black). if we solo out just some of the layers we can see it… when the projects open they just open BLACK. we have strong computers with a lot of RAM. and this happened on all of our computers. We work on CS6.

Im sure we are not the first this happened to… Any suggestion on what to do about this?

Hey, thank you very much for purchase!

Well, I`ve tested this scenes and it works fine and quickly. No any black troubles. I used CC 2015 and my machine: Core i7-7700K, 32 Gb ram and 2xGTX1080.

Check this video how I opened these scenes:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/f2y5tkip4k3e456/222.mp4?dl=0 Please, update drivers for your video cards and install last updates for your soft.

Hope it helps

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