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Beautiful slideshow. Grats! :)

Very gentle man. Nice execution. Good luck with it :)

vaynah, is very pleasant slide-show. :)

Thanks a lot, really apriciate the nice comments :)

cool stuff….

Thx Zonade :)

I love the project, but it is a long render, compared to most of the projects I use. 3+ hours on my quad core machine. Most of my renders in this size and duration are an hour.

Any ideas what might be slowing it down?

It will be Motion Blur & Depth of field. These 2 things slow it down a lot. Just make sure that you select ‘Render Multiple frames simultaneosley’ in Edit>Preferences>Memory&Multiprocessing

Nice theme..i’ve bought the sound too..can u please teach me how to make the sound loops?? I’ve put it in the BG2


I think it is best to put it in the For render comp. Just copy the audiofile and move it on the timeline so it starts when the previous one fiishes, and repeat the process through out the timeline.

How easy would it be to add pictures/movies to the sequence? I’m new to AE, but loved the work you’ve done with this.

replacing with your own pictures is VERY easy. If you are going to be replacing it with video clips then basic knowledge of AE is enough :)

Actually I would like to be able to add more pictures/movie than 20…probably closer to 60-70. Is that possible?

Yes you can. Just dublicate Scen 1 or 2, then extend the Main Comp and insert it after Scen 2. But you will also have to create new placeholders and all that stuff. If you want I could do a custom project for you. I you are interested then send me an email and we’ll discuss the price

But how can I add pictures that are “portrait” oriented and not “landscape” oriented. When I add them and then change the orientation including the frame, the program cuts off the upper and lower edge (part) of the picture. Do I just have to make them smaller in order for the whole picture to be visible? Thanks.

You can use a portrait but you will have to rotate it inside the respective Scen. If you need help with customization then i could do it for you for a reasonable price. If you are interested then send me an email through my profile.

OK, I found out how to do it using the respective Scen. Thank you very much.

Hi There,

I have VARY LITTLE knowledge of After Effects, will I be able to edit this file? I just purchased another file on Video Hive and it plays sooo slow in my after effects, will I have the same problem here? Its that fps not in realtime problem, also I am using cs5?

Hi There,

Can you please let me know what the title of the music? Thanks

Soundtrack not included, but you’ll find it on AudioJungle. It is called births of a feather

Hi Vaynah

how can I make the actual placeholders/frames a little bit longer. I have put in video instead of pictures but would like the placeholders to stay in place for a few seconds more.

Thanks for your help.

You will have to play around with camera key frame positioning. I offer customization for a reasonable price.

Any chance of updating to full HD (1920×1080)?

You could simply upscale 720p to 1080p, there won’t be much difference. But if you need this to be done, then I could do it with normal rates. Contact me through email if interested

What’s the best way to export everything for website usage? I’m using it as a photo gallery / informational video on a website?

You can upload it to Vimeo or Youtube and then embed the link on your website

The music is called: Birds of a Feather (please be carefull with the spelling, dear author… and please correct it in your description…)

Thanks for the tip :)