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I watch a lot of work and I liked your work. I sincerely wish good sales. good luck

Help! I just bought CC 2017 and am getting the following error after opening the project file: “After Effects error: Source file has no importable streams. Please check that it is a valid video/audio format. (86 : :1).” Is this template not compatible with the AE 2017?

Thank you for purchasing this project! Perhaps this is the problem of the program, this happens to some users. This problem is in the program Adobe. Please try using an older version. Thank you! If the problem does not solve, let me know!

I bought this a few hours ago and it is entirely unusable on Windows systems. I wish to be refunded. This list of problems trying to get your project to work under Windows is endless. It probably but only on Apple systems. I needed it for a memorial service tomorrow and have no use for it now. I will send a detailed breakdown of the numerous errors and problems this project has tomorrow. Profoundly disappointed that this did not work . Please refund me ASAP. This is the first refund I’ve ever requested from an Envato author.

Thank you for purchasing this project! I checked the project, it works in all systems. The problem is in your computer. Download the project again! Do not move the project files !!!

Well done! My congratulations ;)

Thanks for the great work. I have two questions while customizing the template.
1. How to further extend the template , if I need a longer video than the long version provided?
2. How to change the frame type of a certain set? I see there are 3 types of frames provided, what if I want to change a vertical frame (frame 2) to a horizontal frame (frame 3) in a certain set, how can I do this?
I have experience with PS but totally new to AE. I am trying to figure out some stuff myself but would still appreciate your help on these. Thanks a million!

Thank you for purchasing this template! Video tutorial

I have gone through the tutorial before. I’m sorry but I don’t think my questions are sufficiently answered. Could you please provide more detailed explanation?

Video tutorial 2 The project involves only two basic video tutorial. Thank you for attention.

Thank you for making this awesome template! May I have a question? How can I add just the transition time between photos? It’s a bit too fast for my use case. Thank you!

Hello I would like / on image No. 19 to insert a short 30-seconds movie. On this time of the emission this short movie to stop the slide show during presentation. For example, I have a 38 second in longest version- movie inserted and then what?

thx for your help

I uploaded new version of the project! You can upload videos and photos and adjust the length as you like. There is a video tutorial for beginners !!! I sent you a copy of the new project on your mail!

Cool and positive! Nice job :)

Good One Friend !!!

very good work, looks great ! :)

Very nice slideshow! Good luck

Good slideshow! Nicely done! :)


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