My Company - Corporate & Business Present Pack

My Company - Corporate & Business Present Pack



My Company – Corporate & Business Present Pack is simple smart and elegant huge corporate pack animation The animation is based on the appearance of photos or videos on screens in a clean and corporate universe … it ended on the appearance of a logo or other according to your desires for the final ! Easily adjustable and customizable This elegan and abstract animation is perfect for your coporate, business, team presentations and retrospectives business or portfolio or slideshow etc …

Available for CS 6, CC2014, CC2015, CC2016, CC2017, CC2018 and CC2019

Simple-Modular-Structure Professional, Customizable and Editable and well organized, Create your own story !


Preview_Project My Company Corporate & Business Present Pack 1 Preview_Project My Company Corporate & Business Present Pack 2


29 Scenes :
  • a Big Slideshow
    With 12 Placeholders, Textholders and Subtextholders and 2 Titleholders, Subtitleholders
  • 7 InfoCharts
    a 3 lines Charts – a 3 Montains Chart – a 3 Pie Chart – a 6 Bars Chart
    a Diagram 3 Circles Chart – a Multi Rings Chart – a World Localization Chart
  • a Company Home Display
    With 1 Placeholders and 1 Titleholders
  • a Company Location Display
    With 1 Mapholders, Titleholder, Address Textholder
  • 5 Full Screen
    With each 1 Placeholders, Textholders and Subtextholders
  • an Introduction Display
    With 1 Placeholders, Titleholder, Textholder
  • a Logo Reveal
  • Lowerthirds
    With each 1 Placeholders, Textholders and Subtextholders
  • a Product 1-2-3
    With 3 Placeholders, Textholders and Subtextholders
  • a Social Media Display
    With 1 Titleholder and 3 Address Textholder, icon to replace (and a library of 12 additionnals Icons)
  • a Team Presentation
    With 8 Placeholders, Textholders and Subtextholders and Description Textholders
  • a Timeline
    With 6 Placeholders, Textholders and Subtextholders
  • 5 Additionnal Titles
    With each 1 Titleholders, Subtitleholders

Aslo Ready Compositions :
  • The Preview Story Comp ( Video Preview )
  • Build Your Story (with all scenes, select it,move it, cut it…)
  • Adjust color
  • A help file PDF

(Put your pictures videos or any format files accepted by After effects)

Edit Color Easily !

Custom-Color My Company Corporate & Business Present Pack 1 Custom-Color My Company Corporate & Business Present Pack 2

Not Included

Contact me for any questions ….....
Enjoy !

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