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For some reason or another… when I render the video, the quality comes out quite bad. I’m not sure why but when viewed in 1080hd it looks about the quality of 480p.

Any possible fix?

Don’t worry. Please send me email via my profile page and I will help you.

Just nice and very usefull work! I wish you continued success and even greater sales;)

Hello please can you send me a square version instead of the circle ? to put around the album artwork

thank you and good work

here’s my email DJ.BFMIX@Gmail.com

Holy hell, that’s some sick track you used!!!!! :D


What is the best way to add an image to the background with the visualization thank you!


I can’t, for the life of me, get this right. One time it worked, the second time, just audio, the third time, just video. There appears to be two places to PUT YOUR MUSIC HERE, one under the SOUND folder, and the second, in whatever Composition you select. QUESTIONS: (1) Am I placing the sound file twice, once in each location, (2) Am I deleting the placeholders called “PUT YOUR MUSIC HERE”?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Don’t worry. Please send me email via my profile page and I will help you.

Ok. Thanks. :)

I wish AE didn’t take HOURS to render, uggh…any ideas? I looked around and not much helps :’-(

It would be great if you could help me =\

Please send me email via my profile page and I will help you.

Before I buy, is this CC 2014 compatible?

Yes it is fully compatible with CC 2014. From CS5 and any version above.

Great idea, very nice item!

Very nice mate! Thanks! Purchased! :bigwink:
I decided to purchase it in order to give life to my music.

do you have any other instruction for template? There was PDF but I want detail instruction to rendering file.

Yes. Please send me an eMail via my profile page and I’ll show you a detail instruction. Thanks.

For some reason, don’t hear any music when i put it in a project

Of course. It is because you are haven’t bought this template yet. And you can’t read the User Manual.

Nice job mate.. I want to know how to use this visualizator as a music player in website.

Thx in advance

You can’t use this template as a real time music player in website. You need Adobe After Effects for rendering this template to video file.

Nice one! Feel free to listen to some of my music.


in music visualizator 6 – i would like change the blue color of equalizer …could you help me ? best

Hello. Please, send me a message via my profile page and I provide a detailed instructions for you.

Hey so even on a new $5000 rig, and I mean brand new (with a nvidia titan), this template takes 12 hours or MORE to render a 30 minute audio clip… what’s the deal and how can this be speed up?

Specifically, we just want to render out template 2 in a way that it will only take maybe an hour to render… 12 to 23 hours is way too long.

good work,I like it, good luck with sales

Hi, can i add my background Picture in ? on 0:23 sec its change into blue, can i use this blue one also for the whole project ? Thx for help

Yes. There is 6 different visualizators. Video you watched is just a combination of styles used in the project. You can choose which one you would like to use.

Ok, thanks, ! greetings