Multi-purpose Logo Into Pack,Custom Photos, Product / Service

Multi-purpose Logo Into Pack,Custom Photos, Product / Service

                               New Corporate Glitch Logo Intro

MultiPurpose Logo Intro Pack Watch HD Here

I Proudly Present You My New Project For Ae Cs4 And Above “MultiPorpuse Logo Intro Pack”

The Concept Behind It Is To Create Unique Custom Logo Intros To Fit Any Situation !
These Intros Feature An Animation Fly-Through Relative To Any Subject Such As , Objects, Human Figures, Photo-Video, E-Shop Goods – Cloth – Accessories, Club Events Djs And Stuff And Anything Your Creative Vision Desires…
Finally Revealing Your Text Or Logo By Making A Transition To “Another Set” With Your Logo On A Glass
The Main Concept Is Simple > ” Make It Yours ” !
Hope You Enjoy It , ...And Experiment.

Featuring :
  • Pick From 8 Ready-To-Go Intros (Directly From Project Selector)
  • Customize Objects And Human Figures To Your Needs
  • Create Your Unique Custom Logo Intro ” Make It Yours ”
  • Fast And Easy Customization (Voiceover Video Tutorials included )
  • 10 Second Animation / Per Subject Fade In-Out To Alpha (Transparent)
  • No Pluggins, Fast Render Time
  • In 3 Resolutions FullHD (1920×1080) Resolution (1280×720 & 960×540 Also Included)

    Please NOTE *
    Photography :Images Included With The Download
    Music Band :Images Included With The Download
    Travel Agency :Images Included With The Download
    Eshop Cloth Accessories :Images Included With The Download
    Typography KeyWords :Non Required Its Text Layers
    Photo/Video Fly-Trough:Import Your Own Images (Dummy Images As Referance Included)
    Coprotate Buisiness People :Image NOT* included Link (Black figures Referance Images Instead )
    Fahion Models :Images NOT* included JohanJK (Black figures As Referance Images Instead )

    Audio Used In Preview :

  • Photographers Audio – “Glitchy Digital Crystal Logo #07” By Alkis
  • Music Band Audio – “Blues Promo Opener” By Medartimus
  • Fashion Models Audio – “Travel Logo” By Artlss
  • Coprorate Buisiness Audio – “Floating Particles Logo” By alkis
  • Typography Audio – “Smooth Playful logo” By amethistlab
  • t-Shirt Stamp Audio – “Futuristic Funky Logo” By KAGKOYROS
  • Travel Audio – “Positive Logo” By Creative-Medias
  • Photo//Video Audio – “Timeless logo” By Willow_Branch_Music

    Thank You For Your Time And Supportnig My Work -xFxDesigns

    Some ScreenShots

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