Multimedia Screens Grid Video

Multimedia Screens Grid Video

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  • 12 Modules
  • 5 Transitions
  • 4K Ultra HD Quality

Introducing Multimedia Screens Grid Video. It is easy to update item even for people who are not very well familiar with After Effects. This multi screen video template is very well organised and design to use with text supers. 12 modules in left and right options, 5 transitions as a bonus and amazing 4K quality. Is perfect to engage with the viewers, promote your online content, use online use as opener or as a part of youtube video.

⭐Template includes

  • After Effects project
  • PDF Help file
  • Music and photos are NOT included and was used for presentation purposes only!


  • 12+ modules in 4K quality
  • 5 multigrid transitions
  • You can use any font
  • All modules has been designed in left and right alignment
  • Works with any type of content: video or photo
  • No 3rd party plugins
  • Saves a lot of time!
  • Adobe Fonts used: 100% commercial free to use, automatic sync and download right from your After Effects.


Music used (not included):
  • MoodMode
  • Imagery and videos from

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