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Nice template!

I did not realized that this requires a $199 Form plugin, without which it will not work. is there a way to get the refund?

Dear Friend.. Kindly contact Envato support

Dear Sukraa, im having the same issue with Place holder 4. after removing it from the project as well as deleting all the placeholder jpegs from the hard drive (!) i still get “placeholder 4” in my final render comp! also, all the comps in the project has Placeholder 4 as a default background. even when all the layers are off! weird bug!!

Maybe because of memory caches… In after effects go to Edit menu Purge/All ( Ctrl+Alt+Numpad/ )... This will Purge All Memory. Try this…


kejjin Purchased

Hello, I did bought the license and tried it, I have replaced all 20 images and resize them to fit, but for some reason, I cannot see them from final render comp, I am using Adobe After effect CC. bit urgent, thanks !!

Kindly check the help file.

Amazing work and very professional. =) GuitarNation


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thank you very much, i had the same issue with replacing the place holder and it would still show in final comp the default, but when I did purge, it fixed everything

Works perfectly!!!! Thank you very much dude!!!!!! Congrats great job!

Hi, I just brought the items. It’s get a RED line cross over, like I’m not allowed to use it. What do i do please?

It’s because of Trial version plugin.You have to install original version.

i need video Like this Thank you http://bit.ly/2tFtkSx