Multi Sport

Multi Sport

Update January 29

The Golf option has been added

Multi Sport

After effect CS5+ Hight energy sports animation,can be use in any kind sport related intro,the modular structure allow you to manage the order of the comp and create some cool bump in and out.

Some of the place holders areon stage more time in order to give the user the time to read or watch the content.


4 different modular versions with different sports:

4 different colors,
comps ready, replace your signs and place holder and render.


Full HD 1080 p,30 fps, object buffer pre render in h264, rgb passes in higher quality. If you want can uses only the jumbo of the main scenes,without any ball.The flying element at min 1.05 can be take off, leaving the jumbo only.
In the main comps I left the multi pass layers in order to give you extra control on the final look of the animation.
The starting part are prerender without multi pass.
If you need more multi pass or higher quality sequence please key me know. The native render as been made in 1080 p tiff 16 bits. Motion blur has been render in the 3d app, so you don`t need to deal with extra MB in your file.


Optical flares, Particular and starglow have been pre render.Enable the visibility of the pre render comp and you are ready to go.


Expression Universalizer script s has been run in the project.You should be able to open the project in different language. This file is compatible with After Effects version CS5 and higher.

Different sports versions can be made in the future if there are any request.

HD preview and after effects tutorial on line

Thanks for your time  :)


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