Discussion on Multi Screen Opener

Discussion on Multi Screen Opener

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Thank you so much for using my music. Good luck with sales.

And thank you too for the great music!

can I change the length of the scenes

Thank you for your interest in my product! Yes, that’s possible. If you purchase this item and cant control the length, just write me an email I’ll record you a video from the screen how to change duration in my template.

Hi; I just purchase your product. I didn´t realize that It works with Premiere Pro CC 2018.1 and above. I have the 2017 version. Could you help me? thanks

Hi, thank you for purchasing my item! Please write me an email I will share a few solutions to your question

i was thinking of buying it, but i got confused. need any plug ins?

Hi, Thank you for your interest in my product! No plugins needed.

The only thing, be careful-the project works with Premiere Pro CC 2018.1 and above


can the sizes of the placeholders be edited easily?

Good day. Thank you for your interest. The project is made in the HD resolution 1920×1080. With this resolution the size of the placeholders are easily changed. If You need 4K for example, this will be problematic.

Is this just drag and drop and do you have a tutorial for this that i can see please?

Hello, the project has a detailed PDF tutorial, if you have other questions, please write to the mail (via my profile page), I can help you separately.

Does it work in after effects?

Hi, thanks for your interest. The project was made in Premiere Pro and you need to change the placeholders in it. But of course you can import the finished project to after effects.

I have just purchased it and doesnt allow me to import/open as it says “File is damaged”. Please need support here

Hi, thank you for purchasing my template! Answered your email.

Can I edit the template? i.e. There has 4 multi screen of one of the template, can I remove or add another screen?

Hi, thank you for your interest! Yes, it is possible. If you have are any questions, please contact me –

I just purchased this and it’s quite confusing. Do you have a YT channel with detailed instructions? I have also emailed you. I need to create a presentation and deliver by tomorrow night. Your prompt attention will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi, thanks for purchase this item, answered an email

the texts in this video….does it come with it or do i have to buy that from you seperate??

Hi, the texts are in the template, you can change them in Premiere Pro

Hi….one more question…..this looks like they have transitions in them too … I right!?

I would really like to know if you include the transitions in this pack….or are they something you did yourself?

Hey…..I am looking to buy this today and I was just wondering how the transitions work on it….are the transitions in the pack….or was this your own transition that you used??

Yes, this project has transitions. They are also in the template.

Thank you for responding

Any way I can make the length about 10 seconds?

Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes, you can simply delete unnecessary scenes.

Hello, I just bought the item and I am impressed with the ease of implementation. Super! Keep up the good work!

One question: I bought the music piece that goes with it. At what time mark do I need to insert it to get the same cool rhythm of music/pictures as in the preview. The whole mp3 goes 01:57 minutes. How much do/should I cut off at the beginning?

I would be very grateful for a hint!

Hi, thanks for purchase my item! Music track starts almost immediately, cut off two seconds at the beginning.

and also be very happy if you rate this template :)

Very good – now it fits perfectly! Thanks for the quick support. Review I have just gladly submitted.