Discussion on Multi Screen Logo-Motion Project

Discussion on Multi Screen Logo-Motion Project

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Hi, man, you uploaded so many items these days, you work so hard and so talented, well done like always.

Thank you

Very good job friend, as always great project … but one question, when do you sleep??? jejejeje!!!! I wish you success partner. ;)

;-) Thank you

Very nice opener mate congrats!

This is a really awesome project! :)

Thank you :-)

Thanks for awesome project, but can you tell me: - What is the version of Apple Motion that project required? - I used Motion 5.0.7, please show me how can i export to video?

This is the first time i use MacOS (Macbook Pro, i’m amater :( ) Thanks!

I am not sure about why its happening like that… :-(

On my Macbook Pro, only Motion 5.0.7 was installed…I think Final Cut Pro X and Composer have to installed???

try installing the compressor and render through the compressor.

can you change the photos?

Good job with this. Quick question: I’m having trouble exporting the video—all export options are grayed out except for Compressor, and when I try to export in Compressor I get a “Video Rendering Error -50.” I searched online and Apple’s site and the result is that it’s a byproduct of the theme. Please help me render out this project. Thanks. Loving the look of the theme, just wish it would render out!

Dear aniloopsanimations,

I tried to contact you, but didn´t get any answer from you so far. This download doesn´t work with Motion 5.0.6. Your download template need Motion 5.1.2, but there´s no word about the software requirements.

14 Hours, 2 emails and no answer!!!

Not Share… OMG!!!!! I use Motion 5.2.1 (OS X 10.10.4) Reply Please~~

You work for PC

hi, can i change the photos inside the video?