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Wow, that was stunning! The text effects are fantastic! :D

Thanks for your kind word! :)

You’re very welcome! :D

Hey if you ever need more cinematic music for your awesome videos, I have a bunch of tracks I think you will like. This is a sample: http://audiojungle.net/item/eternal-lullaby/9963838

Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to use from there. Thanks and more power! :D

Thanks awesome track. :D

This is truly one of the best trailer designs I have seen on videohive. Is there anyway that you can include an after effects file that does not need the additional plug ins. I have seen other trailers include non plug in version as well. I think you would see many more sales from people who are just getting started with After Effects or don’t have the additional plugins.


Thanks so much for your purchase and your kind words.
I absolutely appreciate that.

I will think about it.

Best regards! :)

I’m confused. I both this trailer but does it need extra plug ins? All I have is a white screen. I edited the text but when I rendered the video (which took 2hours) all I had was a white screen? Is it broken? Or do I need plug ins? If so how do I get them? I kind of need this project quickly.

How may I help you?

Hi There, I’ve just bought the AE project, I just need the texts when I load up the project, where it should be displaying text, it doesn’t, the screen is just white, can you please help with this? Thanks Eric – email me at eric@personaltrainerfood.com

Hi, I am having the same problem with only white screen, I cannot see the text. Thanks, phi@vocodesign.com

hi! I used the preview of your template with my audiojungle track “romantic dreams” and uploaded the demo on youtube for cross promotion:


I feel the images goes well with my music! :)

Very Nice. Excellent work. =) GuitarNation

Hey there, I’m having the same issues as others regarding the white screen via the titles in the master trailer sequence. Please advise – jferry21@gmail.com