Discussion on Movie Cinematic Clouds Logo

Discussion on Movie Cinematic Clouds Logo

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where can i find the music for this?

Sorry, the link disappeared, I’ve added it again. Here it is:

Hi Amstane, Opening the project I get an error on the customization sliders and all of them are disabled…. then the composition loads green and black and I can’t change it. Is there a way to reverse this or just get the clouds to open in white and blue without the customization? can you send me the composition without it ? I am using CS6 Thank you

Hi, it seem to me that it’s a language issue, this template need English version to work, so you can change you AE easily to English and all will work fine. (just type “change after effects language to English” on a search engine). If you have any other issue, feel free to contact me again.

Thank you Amstane, It works perfectly now !!! Cheers !!!


Top Class Work , Thank You So much.

Thanks to you to take the time to tell me that, it is really encouraging

hi what is the difference of Regular License and Extended License in this product.

hi can i use this template for my own wedding video production. Thank You.

Yes, you can use it for your own purpose, the extended licence is in the case you want to sell the final product, but with both licence you can use the template only for one end product with its variation, if you want to render again for another end product you have to buy the product again.

Hello Amstane,

Love the template…I am trying to extend the length to 0:30.

I have extended each comp and the elements to 0:30 but am having no success. Do you have any ideas?



Thanks Amstane, I will try this!

Worked like a charm. Thanks!

you’re welcome :)

Amstane, is there a way to take the clouds out of this so that we can use just the logo reveal where with the 3d text and light burst? thanks!

Hi, it’s a little bit complicated but here are the steps: 1- in the Customization composition, click on the “hide layers ” icone ( top right, neer motion blur …) 2- Double click on the Metal or Natural layer to open its comp, depend of what look you will use ( metallic or original texture) 3- hide all the layer that the name start by Nuage ( cloud in french) 4- return to customization to chek out

Hope this will help. Regards, Amstane.

This is an excellent template; very user-friendly and superb service from the author. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! :)

Thank a lot! :)

Hello! Can you tell me what’s music track play in this intro? Can I get this in audiojungle?

and tutorial

oh sorry I see! Thank you!!!

Hi Amstane

I hava Adobe CS6 on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits PC, and when i open the file this opens on color green!!! why? Besides, several warning open with it: More info about my Pc: Processor Intel i7, 8GB ram, Nvida GeForce GTX 570

I used Expressions that use some words in English, so it don’t work with other languages. AE must be English to make it work. You must turn your After Effects into English language , follow theses steps : then once your AE is Enlgish the problem will be solved.

ok. i will try… i let it know after…. greetings! thanks

Fantastic work!

thank you!

Just bought this and it’s easy to modify. Thanks! My only suggestion would be that you add an option to “open up” the clouds for more logos that are too obscured.

Also, I am rendering on an 8-Core 4.0GHz processor with 32GB of RAM and it’s gawd-awful slow. I only rendered out the last 10 seconds of the clip at 720p and it took 68 minutes.

Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll find a way to make this “Open up” option! For the render, It took about 2 hours at 720, and about 4 on 1080, it’s because the clouds photos are in Hi-res (5184×3456px), to have the best quality (helpful if it’s used for a movie for example), so I hope you’ll understand my concern of scarifying render time for best final look.

I suggest you to put the render setting to ‘Half”, or do a RAM preview and watch it to be sure about the result before lunching a final HD render.

Feel free to contact me for any other concern.

Thank you Amstane.

Thanks, I’ll see if I can create a proxy for the clouds to speed up future renders.

Some clients asked me for an upload when they can keep both the chromed texture and the colors of their logo, that’s what i spend the day on, and I’ll upload a new updated version (V3) in few minutes.

Don’t hesitate for any suggestion to improve my templates.

Thank you all; Amstane

also the rendered design doesnt look like the one in the stock footage, my logo is blue. and everything is grey and dull. wth is going on? i am not happen with my experience so being my first time using someone else’s template.. :(

Please help me to enderstand why do you have this problem: - what system do you use? - what software do you use to decompress ? I’ll put an uncompressed version of RAYS in dropbox and send you a link just to see if the codec is the problem.

ok. i use windows 7 standard extractor.

I’m uploading a new version anyway with new improvement, I’ll change the format of the RAYS to MP4.

It says that RAYS3 is damaged? i redownloaded it. still nothing happened.

It says that RAYS3 is damaged?

Try to re-download the project file, i’ll do the same to re-check the file from my side.

Ye it worked, thanks bro :)

Happy to help, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other issue.


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