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Hello. I just purchased this and was creating various comps with type. After creating 6 comps with type, it no longer will create additional comps. I can add type to the window but no font choice or style choice is enabled. I’ve restarted After Effects. Re-imported the AE Project into my project and re launched the script. Nothing? Please help.

Hi, it seem the script does not found the preset & font folder in the project panel. Can you send me snapshot of the screen or aep so i can check? please send it here https://videohive.net/user/madlistudio

Why havent you fixed the issue with the imported AEP file? This has been here for a long time, and you still need a specific font for not to get FONT ERRORS while opening the project. Fixing this is so simple, but I guess…

I have the latest version. Arial Narrow is not part of regular Arial family, but it’s an additional Arial font that many computers (like mine) does not have. Arial narrow might look better on where it is on the AEP, than regular Arial… But I think it should be some font that is on 100% of computers.

Oh I see. Thank you for let me know. Im sorry for the inconvenience. will update this again with the new script build. It will be no longer need import aep. Just run the script with any font you choose. It will be released on early January 2019.

Sounds cool! And even I would have thought that Arial narrow is on every computer :). I really like this tool.

I cant find the 20+ different motion styles? I only see BCDE, and all the As are exactly the same??

It must be wrong project, preset BCDE is for motion Text Maker. Open the motion type aep file then run the script.

thank you found it

Nice idea! Good luck for you sales! :)

Hello, I purchased but how do I use any of my system fonts? I want to use a Helvetica but can’t figure out how to get it into the motion type drop down window.

Yes, first you need to create text layer use helvatica font, while it selected, on the script press add font button, it should appear on the font list. For more steps, please refer adding font video tutorial.

This script has bugs. I want refund. It gives errors

What bugs is that?


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Now it works. Thank you.


Hi, I tried to use the script today and it worked for a short time. Now I get an error saying: “Unable to execute script at line 88. Object is invalid”

Can you please advise what to do?

This item will get a new update motion type 2 script. Will work for 2019 with added bunch of new features. Very soon.

I’m using AE CC 2018 :( :( ;( By when can I expect the update? Next week?

Can you please email me from profile page, I can help you more faster there.


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Hi After the install (AE 2019) I run the script and it says “Unable to execute script at line2. File or folder does not exist”


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Yes, it exists in This PC>Documents>Madlistudio

Please email me from my profile, and please send me snapshot madlisto files. I can guide you.

Problem solved :)

After installing the new update, i run the script and it says “Unable to connect to server” when i enter the purchase code.

i’m using Adobe After effects 2019 Windows 10

Hi, please try again, if it still cannot please send me your purchase code from my profile page, I can help you.

Problem solved, just had to remove the old version.


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hello, i just purchased and can not load the presets. i get the following error: “unable to execute script at line 1244. Function preset folder. getFiles is undefined.” I am using AEcc19 on mac OS 10.13.6. please help! thanks!


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yes, both are copied over into the scripts folder. any other suggestions?

Ok, please send me some snapshots to help me find the problem, I’m suggesting that you use AECC18 for temporary solutions. AEcc19 pretty much unstable and randomly occur error.

The problem has been solved. Please ensure theres no other file in the motion type folder. Usually extracted Mac to Windows may have an extra file (icon_, .DS_Store) will makes the script stop working. :)


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When I use the script (AE 2019) on a Mac, only the first there characters are affected. what am I doing wrong?

if you on AE 2019, Please check that you have switched to the Legacy ExtendScript expression engine.

file> Project Settings > Expression > Legacy Extenscript http://i66.tinypic.com/3506vig.jpg

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I did that. Only the first three characters are rendering in the composition. very odd.

please email via my profile page, i can guide you more there.

JAN 20 2019. Please re-download zip again. Fixed: Issue with connection