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Please make a system so people cant just leak this shit coz its so good

I appreciate your feedback, if you need support, you can contact me on my profile page.


Lincov Purchased

I wish it becomes a script or something not a template :(

Thanks for the feedback, if you want support please contact me.

How can I remove the background all together so it’s transparent?

To remove the background, uncheck the checkbox “Background” in controls, or contact me on my profile page, so I can send you a video explaining it more detail.

Is their any chance that this wil get a plugin with it`s own window?

Thanks for the feedback, I’m working on it, but for now works only as a template.

Hey, it`s me again. How can I place a “flat shape” ?

Place your flat shape in the text composition (if the text layer has its own animation, then it does not work with flat shapes), please contact me on my profile page, if you want a video explaining this step by step.


MR_CMK Purchased

Cool templates, I just wish there was an easy way to preview them within after effects.

Thanks for the feedback, any questions please contact me.

hi, any idea why previewing each template is so laggy? i have 32 ram and a pretty good cpu, so i dont know why is takes forever to scrub through the animation. And that is withou editing it yet. hope you can help asap!

Please, contact me on my profile page to show you the settings I usually use.

very nice templates, I just wish if there is a way that i can get them for free.

Many thanks! the only way to get a license for this template is to buy it.


I have answered the email you sent me.

Is it okay to use in Youtube with this program consistently ?

What do you mean “program consistently”? anyway, you can use this After Effects template in your youtube videos.

Hi i recently purchased this product. How do i remove the background from the titles in after effects. in the effects controls section

To remove the background, uncheck the checkbox “Background” in controls, or contact me on my profile page, so I can send you a video explaining it more detail.

Hi! I have a pre-sale question about the license: Can I use this template on multiple videos for my YouTube channel (both monetized and non-monetized)? I am seeing that the license is for a “single end product”, so I’d like to clarify :) thanks!

The short answer is yes, but it depends on how it applies to your content:
YouTube content can also be considered as a series:
Also, this template being a “packs/bundles” contains 85 animations, each animation essentially gets its own license:
If you want detail info, please contact me on my profile page.

When Author says, “uncheck the checkbox BACKGROUND” if you don’t see the checkbox and only the FX on/off (which doesn’t actually appear to change anything in the comp, MAKE SURE THE SHY box is also off (it’s a little guy hiding behind a wall with a long nose in the control menu just left of the timecode in the time ruler). There are hidden layers to simplify the project’s appearance. You’ll then see the background.

Thank you for taking the time to explain to other buyers how to manually remove the background.
This is the box to disable the hidden layers.

Hi, I’ve just downloaded the pack but I’m having problems with the fonts. I’ve installed all of the fonts as stated in the PDF but it’s still launching with a default font. Can you please let me know the fonts associated with the following:

18? 22? 49? 28? 74? 80?

Kind regards Andy.

Hi Andy!

Project 18: Etchas
Project 22: Cocogoose
Project 49: American-Purpose
Project 28: BigNoodleTitling
Project 74: BigNoodleTitling
Project 80: Bubblegum

Any questions please contact me.


cihato Purchased

hi, supported ae 2019? thanks


Muko Author

Yes, this template works with Adobe After Effects CC 2019.

I can’t change my background. I’ve followed the Tutorial but I can’t get it working. Is there something I am missing?


Muko Author

Please contact me on my profile page, so you can send me some screenshots.