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Hi, I’ve added the extension to Premiere but when I click “Add” I get an error which states “Uncaught Exception” Can you help please?

Hello! Which premiere pro version you have? Please contact us via contact form here

can i use Hebrew with it?



motty Purchased

I have just purchased this product. I wanted to add text at the BOTTOM edge of my videos.However when I adjust the X and Y values to place it the text starting in the bottom left hand corner, it cuts off. It seems the text can only be placed in the middle area of the screen.

Hello! Can you please contact us via contact form here

Our support manager will send you all instructions!


motty Purchased

ok. Sent you a message via the contact form.

Hi, i am not finding the effects in 3:29 of preview. Can u tell me where to look at?

Its Character – Position&Scale


seiumd Purchased

Is there a limit on how much text you can apply these effects to? For example, if I wanted to use these effects on a small paragraph, would this still work?

Hello! There is no limits

Hello! If I made some titles by “legacy title”, is this preset will be works?

Hello! This presets based on ready to use MOGRT files

Thank you!

Is there any glitch effect?


NASPP01 Purchased

Is there a way to make adjustments to paragraphs? How do you center or justify the text?

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Hi guys, I was confused to discover there are so few customization tools available and Im having issuse doing simple tasks like centering the text or reducing distance between lines.

I wrote via your form already and got this reply: “Unfortunately Premiere Pro doesen’t allow text centering. Thanks!”

Would you please help me out? Thank you

Hello! I will manage your question right now and answer on email. Can you please attach your email here? Thanks!

Our programmer already answered you from email

can i use this for commercial videos? i see a lifetime license, but want to make sure.

Yes of course. You can purchase it once and its enough

Hello! This is not a ready lower thirds. Its text animation. Its like this one but for premiere pro with our Premiere Studio Plugin

Hi, There is an invisible frame around the text and when I make it bigger the text is cut. How can I fix this?

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I have done it already but I haven’t received any message yet.

Premier Pro 2020?

Yes! This item works in 2020

Very, very nice plug-in! Could use better instruction on installation though.

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mitchorth Purchased

Hi, great package, however it would be great if you could align the text somehow. Left, center, right etc. Am I missing something? Or is this unavailable for the way it’s built? Thanks

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FAF412 Purchased

Hello, I get an error code when I try to install the plugin. It says make sure the manifest.xml of this extension is valid. Can you please assist? Thank you.

Hello! Please contact us via contact form here and we will help you. Thanks!