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Thanks for your awesome comments guys !

I always love your sick/fluid animations. Glad to see you back w/ another one :bigsmile:

Smooooooth! :) Great job man!

Really nice! Love it :D

Awesome ! Very good !

Nice work! looks great :)

great work friend!!!

Nice to see you again, Great as Always.

great movement!

Fantastic new file. It looks fresh! :)

Thanks all !

Soooo cool B) good job

Niceeeeeee!!! :):)

I’m starting a fan club for my favourite author on the hive :) haha

Ahah ! Thanks men ;)

gosh i love this, want to buy it just to learn the techniques, but dont have enough money =[


Excellent work! I love it, very easy tutorial! But, how can I remove scenes I do not want?


Hi Mike, Delete the scenes compositions included in the composition called “FINAL”.

Pity you spelt “example” as “exemple”... Learn how to spell properly!

This is a great project, and I definitely want to purchase it. I was wondering if this project is scalable to 1920×1080 without any loss in quality. Please let me know. Thanks, -Chris

Hi, This project was made in 1280×720 resolution, so yes, I think you’ll lose quality.


I’d like to know what setup you use in AE to render the movie? I got a really choppy video playback. Thanks a lot!

Hi, Send me a mail, I’ll give you a screenshot ;)