Discussion on Motion Pro | All-In-One Premiere Kit

Discussion on Motion Pro | All-In-One Premiere Kit

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its come with extension?

Hi, when i want to download scenes it says that file is not here? Can you help, tnx?

Hi Thank you for asking! Please send a message from here: to have the new link sent directly to your email. Or if you prefer, you can download the updated file from your Downloads section. Thank you for purchasing and sorry for any inconvenience.

Hello, I am having probelms using this with vertical video. Any sugestions?


Thank you for asking and for sending a screenshot via the support ticket form! You should have a reply in your inbox.

Support Needed! I installed 1) MP_Auto Size Box Title 04_Type Zoom In and 2) MP3_Auto Size Box Titles 01 etc. After the titles appear on screen, I wanted the titles to remain on the screen. I tried stretching them but the zoom keep zooming in and they appear blurred. How do I get the titles to remain on the screen for any duration after they appear?

Hi thanks for asking! If you cut the layer at the point you want to remain on screen (cutting off the outro animation) and then stretch the layer it should give you the results you are looking for. If you have more questions or need further explanation please use the form here for support: Thank you for purchasing!

Thank you. I used the razor tool to cut it off and that worked. How do I access the intro and outro-animation duration?

You could separate the intro and outro and use Premiere’s default speed/duration settings for the layer to have more control. If you have more questions or need further explanation please use the form here for support:

Do you have any predictions on when to release this package for Davinci Resolve? I am very interested in buying there, and I need it with a certain speed

Do you have any forecast date? Already have beta?

Hi thanks again for asking! I don’t expect it to be available until late this year or early next year.

I sent you an email, if you can do those two it would be amazing, could you take a look please? Thanks in advance

Hi your email has been answered. :)

Is there any easy way (an plugin) to browse the asset and apply in 1 click? Any plugin ETA?

Hi thanks for asking! The plugin will be released as soon as possible. We are currently testing to make sure everything works as it should, so I can’t give you a solid ETA. However, you can look forward to receiving an email when the update is available.

I looked at the tutorial video, and I was left with a question.

How can I use more than one transition in the same sequence/project?

Because you show in the video how to open a specific transitions package, but I might want to use another transition type in the same video.

Hi Thank you for purchasing and for asking! You can just open the other category .prproj project file you want to use and drag and drop, or open the All Transitions .prproj project file and drag and drop as many transitions as you want. I hope this helps if you have additional question or need a more detailed response please send a message here:

All Transitions .prpro – I hadn’t seen this project, now I understand

Will there be an extension pack for Premier Pro? Very inconvenient to use compared to competitors.

Good news the extension will be released soon! Because you’ve purchased the kit before the price increase, you will get the plugin and additional assets as a free update. Sign up here to ensure that you don’t miss the release date. Thank you for purchasing!

Hi,Transitions/Motion Pro | All-In-One Premiere Kit funktioniert es auch mit Pinnacle Ultimat oder Magix PX

Hi Thanks for asking! No it only works with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Ok dann kann ich es nicht kaufen, Danke

Hello! I bought your Motion Pro Premiere add-on. But I am unable to use some of the 3D or motion titles because they are asking for fonts such as GlenPen that is not on my system. I use a Window 10 with Adobe 14.0. Can you please help me?

Hi, thank you for asking. You can download GelPen here: The rest of the font links can be found in the Fonts folder of the .zip file. Please let me know if I have missed any other fonts, or if you have any questions by using the contact form here: Thank you for purchasing!

hey , while editing a vertical video when i add a a simple zoom transition the video underneath gets black why is that ?

Hi I’d be happy to help. Are you using the vertical transitions from the Vertical folder? If not, using the vertical transitions should solve the issue. If you already are, can you please send a message using this form and upload a screenshot of your timeline and program window. Thank you for asking and for purchasing!

Scenes don’t work! When I double click any categorie and Premiere opens up and Import After Effects Compositon screen comes up with only cancel available. Please advise. Very frustrating and not easy to use

Hi, I’d be happy to help. Are you using the latest version of the kit (as of May 7th)? Are you using Premiere Pro 2020? Please respond via the form here and with a little more information I’m sure I can find a fast solution to the problem you are having. Thank you!

HI, thanks for your great works! I have some questions about your item. 1. Is it okay to use your item on multiple YouTube accounts? 2. Is it okay to make a profit on YouTube? 3. If i make a video on other website or subcontracting, then should i use it only once?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing and for asking!

1. Yes it is ok to use for multiple YouTube accounts if you are the owner of the accounts. 2. Yes it is okay to make a profit on YouTube 3. You can use it more than once for making videos.

Best of luck with your YouTube channels! Feel free to share your account to have @motioncraver as a new subscriber.

If you find the kit useful please don’t forget to rate it in your downloads section, it goes a long way to support continued improvements and new assets.

Kind Regards :)

sorry, i have more question. then, Is commercial use prohibited?

No problem. No. Commercial use is permitted :)

Hi, thanks for the update! Would be cool if you would have a website or something like this where you can only see these updates! At the current preview, these updates aren’t embedded, right!? Also, to get these updates I need to download all the files and overwrite the old ones, right!? Thanks!

Hi, There’s a page just for that :) You can see the updates here: Yes download and overwrite the old ones. Thanks for asking!

Hi, do i need the motion bro extension in other for this to work properly?

Thank you for asking! This does not work with the Motion Bro extension. There is no plug-in needed.

merhabalar paketinizi satın oldum ama premiere kuramadım yardım edermisiniz?

Selam. Yardımcı olmaktan mutluluk duyarım. Lütfen adresine bir mesaj gönderin. Sorunu açıklayın ve mümkünse bir resim gönderin. Satın aldığınız için teşekkürler!

Bu yanıt, Google Çeviri kullanılarak oluşturulmuştur.

wow cool ! Wish you many sales!!

Thanks! Really appreciate it :)

Hello! First off the graphic package looks amazing! I am on a MacBook Pro, and wanted to know if this was ok to install on my Mac before I purchase?

Hi Thanks for asking! Yes the kit works with Mac also. If you decide to purchase and have any other questions please send a message from the profile page and I’d be happy to help. Regards :)

Thanks so much!

I am using Premier Pro 14.0.1. But after putting Mogrt in a clip, it’s too hard to preview. The rendering speed is also too slow. My computer specs are MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) Processor 2.4 GHz 8-core Intel Core i9, memory 32GB 2667 MHz DDR4, graphics AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB. I don’t know if it’s the problem I’m setting up. This is the same when using transition files. Can you tell me what’s wrong?

When applying a transition, the screen on the background is not erased. Please let me know how to apply it well.

Hi Thanks for asking! For optimum rendering please make sure that your renderer is set to CUDA in the Project Settings > General tab. Also, you can allocate more memory to Premiere in Preferences > Memory. Lastly, try reducing the playback resolution at the bottom of the Program window.

If you are seeing the preview when applying the transition, make sure that Insert and Overwrite Nests and the V1 track are both disabled.

You can find a dedicated help video on this linked in the ReadMe.pdf file.

If you need more info or have any other questions please send a message from the profile page Thank you for purchasing!


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