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Discussion on Motianic - Slideshow Creator

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hello! I have a Discussion on Motianic. But I can’t this. I have to Ae2015 And Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.4. WHY?

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear that you seem to have a problem.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand what your problem is though. Motianic works with After Effect CS4 or newer. If you have After Effects CC2015 it should work. The operating system (if mac or windows) shoudn’t matter. Important is that you have After Effects running. You will get a message that the project needs to be converted to your After Effects version. But this is normal. If you got further questions please contact me at

Best Regards Anton

windows staff no good for mac users

sorry it does not work

Hi there,

I’m very sorry to hear you are having problems. Motianic only needs a running version of Adobe After Effects (CS4 or newer). The operating system of your computer should not be the problem. Could you please send me a screenshot of your problem ( and I’ll try my best to help you get Motianic running.

Best Regards, Anton

i send you a screen shoot i just want you to agree to a refund

Thank you for the screenshot. I just replied to your mail. Please understand that I am not asked by envato to give refunds. Only ThemeForest or CodeCanyon authors are being asked. I am a videohive author. But I will do everything I can to help you get the refund. Best Regards Anton

As I work on a MacBook Pro, which keys do I use to render, edit and create markers for audio?

Hi there and thank you for purchasing, on a mac system you should be able to create a movie with the shortcut “comand+m”. To create markers you also should be able to use the *-key (multiply) on the num-pad, or if you don’t have a num-pad “control+8”. That should work. Best Regards Anton

Yes it works. Thank you so much Anton and much appreciation for your tutorials. Not only do you show how to do it, you actually explain in voice too. Very easy to follow so please keep things coming. Continued success.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m glad it works now and that you like my tutorials. Thank you! :)

With this package can we only have one image on screen at a time ?

Hi there and thank you for your interest. Yes, most of the time you have one image on the screen. But during transitions you will see partly both images of course. Best Regards, Anton

So this doesnt work with AE CC2017?

Hi there and thank you for your purchase. Of course it does work with AE CC2017. There is no option for me to choose AE CC2017 as being compatible. CC2015 is the newest I can choose. But I have tested it and it works with CC2017! ;)

Can I run on After Effects CC 2018?

Thank you very much for your interest in Motianic. Yes, it also works with the newest AE version. :)

To create markers but it does not

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties. I’ll try to help you.

To create markers you should first drag your music into the “your slideshow” composition, select the layer of your music and then start a render preview by hitting “0” or ”.” on the num-pad. When the preview plays you can create markers by hitting the multiply-key ”*” on the numpad. After stopping the preview by hitting the space bar the markers should be there. It’s also explained in the tutorial:

If this doesn’t help, please write me through my profile a more detailed explanation. At what point exactly are you having problems? Do the markers simply not appear after hitting the multiply key?

Best Regards Anton


Hmm, so do I get it right that pressing the *- key (multiply) gives no marker at all? Or do they vanish after stopping the playback?

If you want to try if the *- key works in general you can press it also without playing the music. Just select the music-layer and press the key. Does this create a marker? If not you might need to use another key. Could you please tell me which language version of AE and which operating system you are using?

Thank you and best Regards, Anton

I’m getting a message the the script needs to be updated from After Effects. Has an update been done, or am I out of luck?

Hey Anton, I still can’t get the script to run. Do you think it could be because I have 2 versions of After Effects on my system?

I removed the older version of After Effects from my system, and I’m still getting the same error message as before. This is the message that I’m getting: Unable to execute script at line 7. After Effects error: Unable to call “item” because of parameter 1. Value is undefined.

Hi Again,

I’m very sorry you are still having this problem. The error highly suggests that you are only running the script, but not having the After Effects file open at the same time. This error should not be related to having two AE versions installed. If you are having the AE file open, there might be a problem with that AE file. Could you please contact me through my Videohive profile:

This way we can exchange email addresses and in a second step you can send me screenshots and the AE file.

I’m very sorry for the trouble.

Best Regards, Anton